Siling labuyo

In Americka the Sili you buy at the Asian market is labeled as Sili but are not my beloved Sili, at least not Philippine Sili. Back in the Pinas, one Sili measuring ½ in length contained enough fire to cause not only your forehead to bead sweat but also the parietal area of your head to seep large droplet of sweat too.

Here in Americka, Siling labuyo is just not the same, it was routine for me to eat spoonfuls of this “imported” Sili. I would line both sides of my hotdog with them, I would eat five or six to a spoonful of rice and adobo. I would in essence eat a whole 12oz. jar in less then one month and my acid reflux would hardly notice.

Janet, my loving wife, remembering her husband (me, who else) while back home in Bicol picked and pickled 2 quarts of Sili (see picture) that her mama and papa grow in their garden. While picking them papa was shocked that I ate the Sili like it was candy. When Janet told me this I laughed and said “those are not even hot.”

When Janet returned home and I was able to sample them I found that these Sili were INCREDIBLY HOT. I found that the green, light green and red were hot right off the bat. The yellow or beige ones were mild and white ones sneak up on you; at first you think they are bland and then all of a sudden your mouth is on fire, your face will flush and your whole head will seep droplet of sweat.

Last night, I don’t know what I was thinking. I ate an assortment of these Sili on two ham sandwiches made from left over from thanksgiving. I had placed 8 Sili on each sandwich for a total of 16 Sili

Today my stomach is rumbling and my lower exit hole is burning so bad that if not for the fear of getting frost bite I would shove a whole tray of ice cube up my personal lower orifice………… I am in trouble……. For lack of a better description my ass is on fire.

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