Mexican Road Signs

There is no telling what you will find in Mexico. Like the Philippines prostitution is illegal, but also like the Philippines it is some what ignored so long as the local law enforcement official is given an incentive to look the other way. So some adult practices are openly advertised to you while walking down the streets.

Yes, indeed there are other oddities like the Donkey Show, a show where a woman of extra normal skills is on-stage showing her abilities with livestock. Although not so much advertised, and some times believed to be an urban legend, to which it is not, shows yet another side of odd things you might find in Mexico.

It’s an absolute fact that SEX SELLS and you can find signs in most all free countries that use some sort of word, object or color to induce the thought of sex in your mind. Some are blunt and obvious others are somewhat subliminal.

So when I, my mother and my wife first noticed this yellow road sign (see picture) we were not sure what to make of it.

What does it mean? It has an arrow pointing down and to the left… huh!?

It must mean one of the following;

A. – “Caution, large breast on road, right here”
B. – “Yield, breast crossing.”
C. – “Please leave your breasts here before continuing.”
D. – “Ruff road starts here, boobs will bounce and giggle.”

Mexico is a vary sexy country….

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