Brothers Not Forgotten

You served with us on foreign lands, away from friends and family
Serving as you vowed to do for your God and Country
You died one day so far away, you could not say goodbye
You gave your life unselfishly for the freedoms we enjoy
You’ve not died in vain my brother, you gave the greatest gift of all
As soldiers we are joined as one, brothers, one in all
You will not be forgotten, but will always remain within.
We will remember you and what you gave, till too; our lives will end.

– Bill Baker – United States Seabees
– photo by Stacy L. Pearsall (RELEASED)

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2 Responses to Brothers Not Forgotten

  1. manangjoy says:

    What the military men have been doing for our country and the things they gave up for mankind is too much for anyone to fathom. It is always sad to hear a man or a woman dying for the sake of their country. Not too many people appreciate that. May he rest in peace, in His arms where there’s peace and love.

  2. pink_idiocy says:

    I read about Batomalaque today in the Inquirer.

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