The things I miss the most in the Philippines….

The Wet Market.
The sounds of morning.
Nights in the park at city center.
Watching the breeze blow across the rice fields.
The beach.
The jungle.
Street food vendors.
The Bico/Ube lady.
Drinking coffee early in the morning while watching people downtown.
Oh-Bell-Teen (Ovaltine)
Friends – (jeneen mostly)

#1 Things I miss the most in the Philippines….

Family – Mama. Papa & Joan

Merry Christmas

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2 Responses to The things I miss the most in the Philippines….

  1. pink_idiocy says:

    I will most likely miss the Philippines very much if I leave for abroad.

    • usabaker says:

      Holidays are the worse. In the US Christmas is more about “things” than it is about being with family or remembers who Christmas “Christ Mass” was for in the first place.
      WAL-MAT has replaced the Nativity Set. Here its seems even wrong to said Merry Christmas… Christmas has been Replace with Happy Holidays or Season Greetings.. The company I now work for has even gone further by simply saying Peaceful Greetings..
      Carolers are a rare treat here and honestly only found in place where there is a large population of Filipinos…
      Yes; in America…. Love, Peace and Remembering Christ has indeed been replaced with MACY’S 24 Hour Christmas Sale.

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