The never-ending story of Gopher Control

So my yard is a mess, the gopher(s) have dug holes everywhere and it seems nothing I do has stopped them. Out of desperation, and because I had no caustic chemicals, I flooded the little rodents passageways with a steady, not so fast flowing stream of water. I let the hose run for at least 5 hours.

This of course washed the dirt from the top of the holes so I was left with open gopher hold opening all over my yard, and I mean ALLOT more then 10. The ground in the areas feels as though its ready to collapse as well. Now with all these holes around it would be nearly impossible for me to determine if the little buggers are still around. I have a container of gopher poison, strychnine, that I will introduce in to any new holes. So to plug the old holes I bought 2 cans of that insulating expanding foam you buy at Home Depot to seal windows and cracks in your house. I shot large quantities of it in each gopher hole, even poked a stick in the ground to look for the tunnels and introduce some there too (in hopes of keeping the ground from collapsing.)

Now I have all the round blobs of foam sticking up from the ground all over my yard, the neighbors must think me crazy….

So now, I wait for new tunnels so I can continue my battle against the Al-Qaida Gopher network.


Osama Bin Gopher

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