I have been thinking about adoption again, I’d like to adopt a little girl, maybe 10 or 12, something I’ve always wanted to do. I think I want to adopt an older kid because I know everyone wants babies, and the older kids end up never having anyone to love them.

A while back I took a look at kids “up for adoption” here in California, to be honest I found that most of the kids have siblings and the state wants them to be adopted as a unit, I wouldn’t want to split brother, sister or both up anyhow but I know that I can afford to adopt more then one. Adopting more then one would not be fare to my family.

The kids that are alone have a great deal of issues from what I have seen and read on thier profiles so this causes another problem for the family, sigh….

I think that if I adopt, and that would be a family decision, I would adopt from the Philippines, my reasons are that for the child there won’t be a huge culture thing to over come. Yes, America is different from the Philippines, but I’m talking about everyday things like the foods we eat, the way were live, etc…

I’ve no clue were to even start looking though in the Philippines, I would not want to adopt from a family friend or member, I mean that defeats the whole purpose, right? They have mothers and fathers; I think it better to adopt a child who has no one.

I wonder if the orphanage that “we” chatters ( donated to when it burned down still exists; it seems so long ago… Maybe Joy knows… hmmmm

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4 Responses to Adoption

  1. manangjoy says:

    To tell you honestly, I haven’t the vaguest clue on where they are, what happened to them, etc.
    All I know is most of the kids were transferred to another adoption center; some got adopted by foreigners after hearing what happened to their so-called-home.
    Has the family decided 100% to have a new kid from the Phils? That is a big move, you know…. a really huge one to think about.

  2. usabaker says:

    Nothing is set in stone yet, I’ve talked with Janet about it a little but we never decided anything, even if we did it’s gonna be awhile before I can make anything happen. I just started this new job and have to save up for another trip to the Philippines. shipping our whole family there is expenvice… Janet still hasnt got her refund from Korean Airlines from the last trip!..
    I know the “I” want to adopt, I always have, I think I talked with you about this a lonnnnnnnnng time ago. 🙂
    So they never rebulit the Orphange? I still remember all the drama some of the Chat Manila people caused over that event.

    • manangjoy says:

      Ha ha ha… has it really been lonnnnnnnnnnnng time ago? It just seemed only yesterday eh? Yes, I remember you mentioned that to me before.
      Yeah, some chat manila people made so much drama out of a small thing by making it more political when it’s just a simple “let’s give some for the kids!”thing. Argh. Don’t make me think about it again. E, Eda and myself had enough of that headache I don’t even want to do it again if not for the kids.

  3. pink_idiocy says:

    Where to look? I think the best way is to pray for the kid most worthy of your affection and parental love. You seem to be a good person and a qualified parent-to-be. Because your intention is righteous, will it, and it shall be so.

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