Wow…. wow…. wow….

Wow… wow… wow.. as some of my relatives might say. It’s been awhile since I have posted to our journal. I would like to say thank you to all those that have left comments in posts prior. I plan to respond to them as soon as I get the opportunity 🙂

Since my last post Feb 13th much has taken place, the most important of which is….

My darling
informed me Wednesday afternoon that she might be pregnant. She had used one of those home pregnancy tests, the lines that appeared from the urine test indicated that she was pregnant. She told me that she was going to buy another to which I told her to just call the doctor it would be cheaper and more accurate. You see those over the counter checkers are not always accurate and will cost you between $10.00 and $15.00 dollars U.S. (P521.00 / P781.00) for just the co-pay of $10.00 US she can see the doctor and get accurate test results.

She went to our doctor and yes indeed, she is pregnant! So come mid-October I will once again become a father 🙂 working

Janet and I spent part of the morning Sunday at Toys-R-Us looking at baby stuff. Janet has never seen so much crap for babies heh heh heh…


I have been scanning photographic slides some older than my eldest sister. The slides have pictures of family members and such. Lots of sexy pictures of my mother at the beach in a flowing dress with a background of waves crashing onto the rocks.. Pictures on me and my sisters and people I do not know….


My wife has been complaining about our computer at home for a long time now. When she is using it to edit her digital photos the computer likes to, as she puts it, blow-up on her. Then when she’s chatting to family and friends back in the Philippines over yahoo using the webcam, the webcam always flakes out, you see the USB (USB 1.0) has problems, the controllers are bad heh heh..

So Friday she had finely had it and the next thing I know we are at Circuit City picking up a new computer and EMachines 6216 spent all night last night loading the patches updating the WinXP Home. Next I will need to network the old and new computer and move all our data as well as load all of the programs we use.

Working on the house.. Living room and dining room are done!!!!!!!


Janet and I have joined the Southern California Chapter of the American Bamboo Society. Wow what a great organization. We volunteered at work at the Quail Botanical Gardens doing clean-up and maintenance of the Bamboo collection. The most exciting part is that we were asked if we could help collect Bamboo specimens from the Philippines. So Janet and I are trying to make contact with people in the Philippines to help us get different varieties of Bamboo.

Later more………..

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3 Responses to Wow…. wow…. wow….

  1. manangjoy says:

    Yaaayyyyy!!! Congratulations! Seems like everyone I know are getting pregnant – seeee???? Didnt we just talk about your plans of adopting from the Philippines?
    I guess there goes your plan eh?
    Congratulations to both of you! Keep it easy Janet. 🙂

  2. hehehe… dami updates!
    CONGRATULATIONS! Finally…. ano iyan, gift sa indo ta harani na anniversary nindo…. wish i could hug you both… may your love prosper!
    Billy, take care of my “ate”….

  3. pink_idiocy says:

    Wow. Just a while ago, you were talking of adoption. And now, this.
    I am happy for you both.

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