The Religon of Peace


TROP Exclusive

Muslim Lands for Muslims?

Yes, this is the Prophet
Muhammad, all right…

And this is the future of Europe. 
Congratulations, Pierre.

Good news for all you Western Muslims who feel like you’re under persecution for your faith – particularly those holding signs that say something like “kill anyone who denies that Islam is the religion of peace.” It turns out that you don’t have to put up with all the stress and strain of changing your host country into a Muslim country after all.

It seems that there are already places in the world called “Muslim Lands.” You’ve heard this term before, and probably used it in a sentence. For example, “you infidels have no business being in our peaceful Muslim lands.”

Too much press freedom keeping you up at night? Not a problem in Syria, where you’ll sleep like a baby.

Someone hurt your feelings by wishing you a Merry Christmas? Hey, folks like that go headless in Saudi Arabia.

Teenage daughter picking out the wrong boyfriend? Just take her to Iran and pick out a rock.

Of course, if you’d prefer to stay here and enjoy the robust economies, political rights, intellectual liberties, freedom of expression, civil protections, and the benefits of open and accountable government that Judeo-Christian societies offer, then you might consider redirecting your energy into encouraging the Islamic world to adopt these principles as well.

Who knows, maybe someday Muslim countries might actually become places where Muslims want to live.

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