Islam a lie unto itself

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You might have noticed of late my displeasure and in-tolerance of Islam. Now to set the record straight, I have no problem with middle eastern, Indonesian, Thai, Philippine, Malaysian, American, UK and wherever else Muslims come from as people or them as a race, I do however, have a discontentment with Islam and those who follow this barbaric religion. To be blunt I find followers of Islam and the Prophet Mohamed pigs; barbaric, uncivilized, ignorant, followers of a pedophile prophet, pigs.

I’ve watched, seen. read and heard as you people of Islam and Mohamed (peace Not be with him, suck a sows tit) spew your hate, ordered deaths and other moronic ramblings and now it is my turn to vent…..

As most of you know November 2005 I was laid-off and in December 2005 was hired by another company. What *most* of you don’t know is the company I am working for and the work I am performing for them and 99.9998% of you will never know. Not even my family knows.

In the course of doing my job I am required to read things and view videos of things most people in America are, for some reason sheltered from, things the news media has elected not to show the American public, things so disturbing that even for me a military veteran it bothers, things so horded I have to hold back anger, haltered and tears after reading or viewing, things I do not want my family to see or know I have to deal with, things that keep me awake at night…… Things my wife can see in my eyes yet I deny.

At one time I bought in to the lie; Islam is Peaceful, now with all that I know, from information viewed, information from unbiased sources some from the Islam followers themselves, I will not be fooled. I will not be fooled by the media or by local or foreign government officials in to believing Islam is Peaceful. Islam is far from peaceful, if anything Islam is hateful and evil and those who follow Islam are pigs in the worse sense, lambs who follow because they’ve no mind of their own, no morals or common sense a religion and people who teach their children to hate, to kill in the name of a false profit Mohamed and in their intolerant GOD.

Followers of Islam, Barbarians! people suck in the 632 AC, people, now in the 21st century, who without oil would be nothing except civilizations crumbled because of their own ignorance.

Think me a lire? That’s fine with me but you need only to read the Qur’an/Koran, the vile writings (Hadith) of the false Prophet Mohammed (peace Not be with him, sow sucking creep) and see what I have seen of these barbaric pigs. Just look no further than your TV witness the hate, the death and violence they have caused over a cartoon. Islam and Mohammed followers and believers are no better then, even worse then, followers and believers of Hitler’s religious beliefs and fanaticism.

I don’t hate them, I dislike and despise the followers of Islam and Mohammad (peace Not be with him) but unlike Islam I don’t want to “jihad” or kill them, I pity them and feel sadness for their children who will grow up leaning nothing but to lie and hate; a hate so imbedded into their lives they are not even aware its hate they’ve learned.

Islam is not peaceful, Islam is vile and barbaric. Islam a lie unto itself.

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3 Responses to Islam a lie unto itself

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think i have ever read anything as prejudice as this.
    Have you read the Koran? Reading this makes me doubt it, your breath taking insolence surpass me. Clearly you are misstaking a culture for it’s religion. Do you know how many people have died in the name of Christ.
    “but unlike Islam I don’t want to “jihad” or kill them,”. As the Christians did in the dark ages with their “cruisades”?
    Did you even know that almost all the (mis)interpretations they have done of the Koran in the middle east can and have been done in the Bible. And when was that? Oh right, in the dark ages. And to where have USA bombed large parts of the middle east… yup, the dark ages.
    /Patrick (You can send a reply to if you feel like doing so)

    • usabaker says:

      Re: Islam
      I could give a rat’s ass what you think, this is MY journal and I write what I like. I know the truth and no matter what you say or what lies you weave, you and your kind can not change my mind. The Islamic murderous actions only prove truths.
      If you don’t like what I write then keep you ass in Sweden and off my journal. You and the Prophet Muhammad can suck a pigs dick. Hah Hah Hah..

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