I think it was the late 80’s when it became yuppie “chic” to use the word BASICALLY in everything you talked about in business meetings. “Basically, we are changing the way that the IP stack addresses……” or “We were working with TCPIP and basiclly noticed that packets were……” or “Basically, I saw Jim with Jane in the women’s room, basically giving each other pleasure.”

I forget now what “chic” catch phrase “Basically” replaced, but I still remember how really annoying that word was to me even back then.

I really thought, by now using the word Basically would have fallen out of yuppie chic style, but to my dismay it has not and I have once again been subjected to a barrage of people in meetings, presenting information that might have been interesting had not they over used the word BASICALLY. After all, the majority of time, 99.999999999999% of the time, THERE IS NOTHING BAISC ABOUT THE INFORMATION THEY ARE SPEAKING OF OR TOO. Thank GOD I have never acquired the habit of bastardizing the English language and skills of articulation by using the word BASICALLY.

Basically I find the use of basically used in meetings basically over used and basically used out of content. So much so, that it basically, becomes distracting and I basically, find myself making a slash mark in my notepad, basically, each time the word “basically” is used, per person, per presentation, per talk, in other words, basically each time someone says anything.

Basically, I have found the average person to basically use the word basically, 9 times in a presentation that basically lasts 20 minutes. I have basically, based this on the last meeting we had where basically 7 people had presented information on their respective projects. Some presenters basically used the word BASICLLY more than others so the number “9” is basically the average time BASICLLY was uttered by 7 people presenting basically 20 minutes each.

I would have made 8, but I could not basically, force myself to use the word BASICALLY even once during my presentation, so I have omitted my 20 minute presentation basically from the average I have herein basically presented to you.

Tomorrow, perhaps I will basically write about the word “Conversate” which also annoys me. I hear more and more people using this word, which does not exist in the English language. No I will write about it now as it is distracting me from the word basically.

Google “conversate” and literate fun stuff like this pop’s up;

Quoted from;

“You gotta come at me wit an intelligent conversation, if u cant converstae wit me,no way in hell would i take anything to tha next level”

Wow that’s amazing “intelligent conversation” she says.. Hmmmmmm

The best definition I have found comes from the Urban dictionary;


To sate *or satisfy* someone’s need for conversation. Opposite of convothirst. Often used in ebonics to add a “intellectual” flare to their speech.

girl 1: “Girl, we needs to conversate.”
girl 2: “fer reals, did you see how fake her breasteses were?”

—- Or ——


Word that ignorant reporters use in order to sound intelligent when speaking to President of the United States. Usually causes embarrassment to all those of the reporter’s race.

“The two people began to conversate when the President entered.”


Well, I’m off to a meeting to basically conversate wid pepols.


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1 Response to Basically….

  1. pink_idiocy says:

    Haha. Funny. This is basically funny. Thanks.
    Seriously, yeah. I never use “basically” myself. Even “really.”

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