Happy Belated 4th

Hope everyone had a happy Fourth! San Diego has great Firework Show(s), yes multiple shows, every year and this years was no exception. The new aerial firework this year was a Smiley Face… How the heck to you make a Smiley Face!…. weird.

Its been REAL HOT in the 100’s, Dry Heat no less, so hot Janet doesn’t go outside even to water her plants, which have begun to shrivel-up. Yesterday, the 4th, I watered the heck out of the plants and I could hear Janet in the house say “oh that feels so good”. She had a window fan running and was sitting sideways to it on the living room couch and as I watered the plants the fan would pick up the mist and blow it in the house and on to her.

Janet’s belly is really sticking out far now, I rub it often for good luck (rub the buddas belly,) I think that soon I will have to draw vertical growth lines on the wall to map her belly expansion. I know I shouldn’t, but I tend to tease her by waddling like she does as we go for walks. heh heh heh.. she’s cute 😛

My back is finely better, I caught myself lifting 16 foot 2″x6″ pressure treated wood for a deck I’m building for a friend without my brace on. Yes I stopped and put it on. I’m still stiff in the morning and need to move around awhile before I can do much but I’m about 90% back to my normal self, if there is anything normal about me.

They’ve cut my hours to 30 hours per week to reduce my overhead costs. I’m still not use to this Military Contracting crap.. How are you hired on in a “SALARIED” position and then provided only 30 hours of pay? Grrrrr this is SO frigging aggravating. I’m told that I will have to bring in work or they will have to lay me off. Whatever! … still 30 hours of pay is better then zero…

So I’m tiring to figure out what to do, if I get laid-off the financial burden is going to be huge, I won’t be able to afford the house and we depleted what little savings we had to pay the mortgage last time I got laid off.

I’ve been building this deck for this person and plan to use some of the money to get a Contractor license, that is if I can learn enough to pass the test in the short time I “might” have, that’s Option 1,

Option 2, Look for a new job, well yeah.. good luck in San Diego, but I’ll be tiring, the problem is this mortgage.. its allot, so I can’t take just any job what’s worse if I sell it I still might owe money BECAUSE the house market has softened here. We bought out house for $450K and it’s now worth a whopping $467K I would have a 26K pre payment penalty so I would still owing $9K – how do you loose money on a house!?!,

Option 3: Ask if I can be deployed to IRAQ with the OSEC team, who are embedded with the Marine Corps…. 3 option is, most likely the only “REAL” option at this point.

On a lighter note; Janet is looking forward to her trip this weekend to S.F. for the baby shower and seeing everyone there. I think the break from me and the kids is going to be good for her. As much as I keep my feelings of stress, this job thing, from her I know she’s feeling it as well because she’s the one who pays the bills.

Well back to work at my 30 Hour week job..


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