Mga palaka (Frogs)

Things so common in the Philippines seems such a rare treat when you happen upon them here in Amerika. The frogs that are in our garden, who’s croaking can be heard in the quite of the night are one of those treats. Although frogs, indigenous most places in the world where the environment can support them, my memories are of frogs found in the rice fields of the Philippines.

Memories now important, that were then simply another warm evening in our darkened second story bedroom. The squatter’s karaoke and drunken voices singing an obscure Barry Manilow song have finally fallen silent, at first the only sounds in the room is that of my wife sleeping and the tic tic tic of the electric fan rotating too and fro pushing air to keep us cool. With the days events and those of tomorrow processing in my mind a gentle solitaire croak of a frog in the rice field interrupts my thoughts, buurrum it calls.

buurrum, where are you my love the frog repeats. Soon the stillness of the night, the sounds of my wife sleeping and the tic tic tic of the fan are replaced by the sounds of hundreds of frogs forming a chorus chirping, buurrum, buurrum, buurrum, buurrum, each I imagine calling; where are you my love, I am here my darling ….


One of the frogs in our garden.

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2 Responses to Mga palaka (Frogs)

  1. phil_ji says:

    I don’t know if the chirping ko-KEE frog is the same as the coqui from Puerto Rico or not, but the coqui came to Hawai’i uninvited and have become a nuisance, especially on the Island of Hawai’i (Big Island) and government is trying to eradicate them. People have complained that their call has kept them awake at night. The people of Puerto Rico love them. Locals here don’t.

    • usabaker says:

      The frogs in the Philippines are almost the same, the ko-KEE is a little deeper in tone then the ones in Hawaii. When they start croaking the sound is deafening! But, like anything else you get use to it. Here in San Diego we have Black Hawk Helicopter flying over our house almost all night, we live right on the US / Mexico border and we have gotten use to the noise of their propellers even though it is even more deafening than frogs.
      I’ve watches allot of nature programs about Hawaii and its invasion of insects, animals and such. Wild Pigs are digging up the islands, frogs and insects if not stopped so will destroy the eco system. When I was in Hawaii I didn’t notice the Frogs, odd. GUAM is a good example of what can happen. There are no Birds in GUAM because of the brown snake that came to the island on ships.

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