Pineapples and Plumeria

Okay so for all of you who live in the Pinas and Hawaii maybe Pineapples and Plumeria are not such a big deal, but for us Tropical Island deprived individuals these two little items represent a bit of home and when you have success in growing them you get excited and smile.

The Plumeria I guess is not so hard to grow here in San Diego as they seem to do well even when planted in the ground. However, the first flower opened last Saturday and how beautiful it is! When last I was in Hawaii I bought 3 cuttings from different Plumerias and brought them home for my wife. She started them inside the house and after about 6 months transplanted them into larger pots and placed them in the front yard.

Here is the first bloom!

Now the Pineapples are another thing! The two eldest Pineapple plants we have are two years old. We started them by cutting off the tops of Pineapples we bought at the supermarket and planted them in 8” pots. Once they had taken root and grew big enough we transplanted them to the large pots they are in today. For two years we cared for them, the plants were beautiful, their long green leaves accented out garden. Last winter we thought we lost them, there was a hail storm that shower ice so hard that it damaged the pineapple leaves. Janet ended up having to trim the leaves back and our Pineapples looked to be in pretty bad shape. Some months latter after much care I noticed one of the plants had the beginnings of the pineapple fruit!, a week later the other had the beginnings of fruit as well!!! Here are pictures of the two pineapples;

Now we wait for the Guava, Avocado and Banana to fruit 🙂

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9 Responses to Pineapples and Plumeria

  1. phil_ji says:

    Got to try the pineapple top idea. Never thought of that! What kind of soil did you plant it in?

    • usabaker says:

      We just took some potting soil, the cheap stuff from home depot, and mixed it with sand. San Diego is all sand so it was San Diego Soil really. I used fruit tree fertilizer to feed them since I have them in large pots. I don’t know if it’s the right way to grow them but it seems to have worked 😛
      I have 4 more growing right now! The ones in the picture are Hawaiian Gold’s which are the most common here. I want to find some from Brazil because the fruit starts out as a brilliant red and the leaves have spines all they why up the leaves.
      The best part is its FREE, normally all you do is toss the top.

      • phil_ji says:

        Re: Soil
        Thanks for the info. Will give it a try. Have you thought about papaya?

      • usabaker says:

        Re: Soil
        Yum Papaya! You know every time we’ve bought Papaya I’ve set the seeds aside but took so long to do anything with then that Janet ends up tossing them out. It would be interesting to see if I could get one to grow here in San Diego.

      • phil_ji says:

        I’ve been told that to have a producing papaya tree, you should use the seeds from the top of the fruit. All the papaya trees I’ve purchased were of the wrong gender, which seems like a rip-off. All my producing trees have come from Mother Nature, except the current one, which is growing out of my compost pile and has the most wonderful fruit.

  2. manangjoy says:

    Janet is so lucky to have such green thumbs. I’ve made a few attempts at my garden too and most of them do die. That’s why I’ve chosen to get plants from Home Depot with minimal caring. They seem to work.
    I should know. My mom told me once before that even if I take care of a painted plant (on a canvas), it will wilt.
    BTW, I also have a plumeria that I’ve planted – it’s still on a pot. Brought it from Hawaii too, in cuts. I’m still scared shit to put it on the ground. Any suggestions?

    • usabaker says:

      Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy…
      Janet is good with the plants, I call her my province farmer girl. Right now those her plants, mainly the Orchids and Roses have been lacking care due to her being 7 months pregnant.
      Yeah, Janets freek-out about planting the Plumeria too. One because we don’t know how well they will do and because we don’t plan on staying in the house, we want to move because the neighbors are ignorant twits’ and we can’t stand having to live next door to them.
      So how’s Mico and the business going?

      • manangjoy says:

        Re: Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy…
        Awww… I envy Janet a lot. I want to be able to be a good gardener but those plants just die on me! I’m close to actually “talking” to them because they say it works. Now, if only I could take the picture of a psych patient out of my head.
        Mico’s doing well. Kept him busy this summer (karate, golf and swimming) lest he’ll be in front of Xbox the whole day. He’s good at it (better than me and my husband combined) and that is really scary. He has an hour to do that but the rest he’ll have to study and work out with his summer stuff.
        Life was so much easier for us growing up – just run up and down the street, biking, roller skating and playing “piko,” etc. Haaay..
        Oh, and yes, business is picking up too. Thanks for asking.
        How’s Janet and all the kids?

      • usabaker says:

        Re: Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy…
        Janet and the kids are doing well, I adopt Jon not long-ago so now everyone in the house has the same last name. Janet is 7 Months now and she will have the baby the week of the 16th in October. It a boy… named after my lolo, Ezequiel

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