Wanted to give you an up-date on Janet’s Placenta previa. Today we went to the get her 2nd sonogram at SDI. Talk about incompetent people! We were taken to the room where the sonogram is done and we could tell that the person giving it didn’t know what she was doing. It was obvious by the way she was doing things and struggling with the equipment. It was confirmed when she said wait and went and got someone to show her how to do the “measuring” and fetal heartbeat. I was starting to get worried because she was bearing down firmly on Janet, right on top of the baby’s head for a really long time with the sonogram, I know she didn’t do the fetal heartbeat right because I remember what it looked like the last time we were there and another person did it.
After she had completed the external sonogram, she told Janet to use the restroom and she would set-up for the “internal (vaginal) inspecting”. I said; wait, is that safe? She said well we have to do a vaginal to check the placenta previa. I said that seems strange because the doctor told us that Janet was not to lift anything, exert herself or have intercourse; nothing was to be put inside her because she might bleed and put herself and the pregnancy at risk. The lady said well you don’t have to have it done if you don’t want it, but we need to do it to get a clear picture of the placenta previa. I said, that’s not what I ask, I asked if its safe and if that’s what the doctor ordered, because I find it strange that the doctor avoided doing vaginal checks in her office, but would order a vaginal sonogram inspection. She said well let me talk to my supervisor and left the room.

When she came back I could see that she was shaken-up somewhat and said; Oh I don’t think we need to do the vaginal inspection because the external sonograms have enough information for the doctor to use and you (meaning Janet and I) are apprehensive. Yeah right I thought.. She found out she was wrong.

The Blood Story;

Well our heath care provider sent Janet a letter telling her that they rejected the request her doctor sent for blood donor coverage. So she’s not allowed to get blood from “donor to her” Were trying to find-out what it is they do cover and what happens if she needs blood. Even though its not a big problem because Dad is getting blood for Janet, its irritating because what if something happens and she need the blood or even more later because something else happens….

Anyhow thats the news

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3 Responses to 31 WEEKS!

  1. phil_ji says:

    That’s a spooky tale!

  2. manangjoy says:

    It was just right that you spoke up to the Ultrasound technician… or else… I don’t even want to think about it. But I hope Janet’s doing okay.
    Re: blood donor coverage – depends on the insurance/HMO plan you’re in. If it is medically necessary DURING the time of her hospital admission, then it will be covered. They cannot say they CAN’T because it’s just not right. Hopefully, she doesn’t need to, but in case it is medically necessary (that’s the buzz word for insurance purposes – to get it covered) then don’t worry about it. Look into your insurance booklet, it should tell you in fine print.
    Meanwhile, relax. A baby’s coming… 🙂

    • usabaker says:

      Hi Joy, the doc said there large chance Janet may have massive bleeding, hemorrhaging, during the C-Section and a possibility that the Placenta previa will turn out to be Placenta accreta. “In this condition, the placenta implants too deeply and firmly into the uterine wall, making it difficult for the placenta to spontaneously detach from the uterus after delivery.” If that happens then Janet is going to have to have her uterus removed (hysterectomy).
      The blood thing came up because our doctor has told us that we need to find blood donors if the test on Aug. 30 confirm that the Placenta has not moved
      Other then that everything else is going fine, Janet and the baby (Zeke) are doing well. Zeke is moving like a wild man and keeping Janet busy.

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