Ezequiel Dy Pueco Baker “Zeke”
Born on Friday October 13, 2006 at 3:42AM – 6lbs 8oz – 19 ¼” long


Janet got up early in the morning about 1:45 AM and I heard her say “OH NO!” I got up and saw blood on the bed then all over the bathroom blood was pouring out of Janet.. real scary, but I didn’t let on that I was scared because I didn’t want Janet to panic.

I told her to get ready and lets go, I grabbed her suitcase and camera equipment (had it all prepared ahead of time) and got her in the van. By the time we got to the hospital Janet was soaked in blood and there was a puddle about 9” in the seat. I took her to emergency and they took her up to maternity, I parked the car and ran in to the hospital.

The checked Janet in and got her in, the nurse saw all the blood and got her on her back soon, they called the on-call doctor who came quick and the prepped her for a c-section. Everything went smooth, she lost allot of blood but didn’t need a transfusion, she was just really cold and shaking.

I heard the doc pop the water bag and start to pull Zeke out, only Zeke’s head was sticking out of the c-section when he started to cry, the doc let me look over the curtain and see him pull Zeke and her placenta out of the incision he make ———— it was really cool —————- I should have become a doctor.

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4 Responses to IT’S A BOY!

  1. tisay_bisay says:

    Birthday Blessings Galore, Zeke!!!! Welcome to the world.
    And congrats to you and Janet!
    Ang cuuuuute! {buyag}

  2. pink_idiocy says:

    Wow. I mean, I remember you saying Janet was pregnant. Now she has delivered the baby.
    God bless you and your family. I hope Zeke will turn out to be a God-fearing and healthy person.
    LJ is a living history, isn’t it?

    • usabaker says:

      Hoi! Long time!
      How are you? Ezequiel was named after my Grandfather so if he is anything like him he will be a god fearing person. Besides Ezequiel is biblical so that should count for something 🙂
      Yup Lj is a living history! It interesting to go back and look at things that took place in the past. You are in CEBU right? I really miss the Visayas I hope to visit my family there next year at our family reunion.

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