November’s harvest

Wow the November’s harvest from our yard is doing really well. We harvested the last of our Pineapples letting it get “golden” just from it’s smell you can tell is gonna be sweet.

Our Bayabas (Guava) tree has been stediedly giving us fruit. Though not as big as I would like, still tastey 🙂

The is the 2nd year of life for our Sayote vine. I can already tell it’s going to produce way more then we can consume; far more then last year as well.

Slide Show:”

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3 Responses to November’s harvest

  1. phil_ji says:

    You guys got green thumbs! The pineapples look perfect. Can smell ’em way over here:-) Our crops du jour are Okinawan tangerines and papayas. The strawberry guava tree is still a baby.

    • usabaker says:

      Thanks – I would have to say my wife has the bigger green thumb than I. We were hoping for our Banana Trees to fruit this year but it didn’t happen. Our Avocado tree is flowering so hopefully we will get a crop of them. Our strawberry didn’t fare so well this year, I put too much sand in the potting mix and as I would water the pot the sand would wash-out.
      What do Okinawan Tangerines taste like?

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