Tijuana, Mexico

Janet and I decided to go to Tijuana Mexico yesterday to buy some more Terracotta planters for her Orchids and another Pineapple that’s out grown its current container. Like most other trip we take after we purchased the pots we walked over to Taco Bell. This is not the American Taco Bell, no this is a place where you get real tacos made by real Mexicans the traditional way. For a dollar each you get 3 tacos and a beer for $1.00 US Dollar or in Janet’s case 3 tacos and a soft drink called Merinda. As you walk-up to the Taco Bell you are greeted by dogs barking at you from the roof and you can help but think…. “Yo quero taco bell.”

After eating we took a walk up the street toward Revolution Street to see if anything had changed since last we were there. The only things we found new were the new “in” thing for the store owners to say to you was “Come in my friend, everything is almost free” walking down a small alley with stores on each side of us one store owner barked “Come in my friend, everything is almost free” and almost immediately a store owner on the opposite side said “Hey! I have the lowest price” I said: he as I pointed to the other store owner said “everything is almost free” SO you must be selling everything for free, to which he replied “I am senor, free to look!”

Along our journey we came upon a little restaurant called Baja Fish Tacos with a unique menu.. a picture is said to say a thousand words so I will let the following pictures tell its own story. See the menu item Janet is pointing out? When she laughed the cook looked out the window. Pointed at another sign and said to her “Look here! For you! IT REALLY WORKS!”

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