Well, I’ve not posted awhile now, a long while, work has kept me busy.. busy.. and when I’m not at work my new son has been eating up most of whatever other time I have. BUT when I have gotten a minute or two to myself I’m been busy writing a book.
Aswang Book Cover Copyright © 2006 By Bill Baker
The book started out as yet another one of my true to life, personal adventures like so many I have written herein before. The story started out as one of my adventures in Bohol when one night I decided to walk to the graveyard and look for Aswang. You see, night in Bohol can get very boring and I thought that searching for Aswang would spice it up a bit.

Like I said, it started out as non-fiction and for some reason I decided that it would be fun to write a fictional story. So I wrote and I wrote, a little time here, a little time there and soon wala! I was finished… so I thought, hardly… You see… I let a few people read it and the story was so well received that the readers wanted more, one reader wanted me to kill off my uncle for laughing at me in the book, right kill my uncle? “are you crazy?”

So now I’m off writing more, not modifying the existing story, but writing what amounts to a whole new story. It’s going to be kind of cool because when I’m done I will join the two stories into one book. They are two stories that tell a story of Aswang the first a story (the first story I wrote) as viewed by a person being stalked and attacked by Aswang. The second a story of the life of an Aswang, told by an Aswang.

I finished the artwork for the cover as well. Even after all these years I still love Photoshop. On nice Sunday I took my wife on a drive around cemeteries here in San Diego where a took a bunch of photos, then filtered pictures of the moon in a blood red.. well here see for yourself…

Besides that I was finely able to make contact with the “Sons of Calape” a Boholano group I’m been trying to make contact with to join for a long time. But that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to.

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1 Response to Aswang

  1. pink_idiocy says:

    A book! That’s something your son can read someday. Keep alive Philippine literature.

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