Great news!

I made contact with my 2nd cousin that I have not seen since she was small. She is the daughter of my Uncle Cayong’s, of whom I have written about before.

It was a number of things that happened that would bring us together. I had lost my Auntie’s address and phone number sometime ago when not all of my addresses transferred over from my Palm Desktop software when we changed computers. I was not awarded that my wife had her address saved in a Christmas card mailing list she kept and dumb me never thought to ask her. Since we had moved I knew that any mail my auntie might have sent would be returned as the 6 month mail forwarding time had elapsed, so I was not expecting it when on our return for Christmas in San Francisco I would find a Christmas Card from my Auntie.

Coincidently, around the same time I made an attempt, as I have a number of times, to contact The Bohol Circle and Sons of Calape organizations so I could become a member. This time I was met with some success! The new president sent me an email with the information I requested and then asked if I knew these two people. I told him that I did indeed that they were my Auntie and Cousin!

Then, coincidently, my cousin happened to call the president of the Sons of Calape to talk about some vacation plans. He told her about me, she then ask her mom (my auntie) about me. When she went to visit her mom a letter I had written had arrived and she read it. So she called me.

Now I have been reunited with my family and you can’t even imagine how happy and thankful I am.

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1 Response to Great news!

  1. phil_ji says:

    Hey, how neat! Lucky you:-)

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