Global Colding

Well not really, but you would think so after seeing the damage this years winter has done to our garden (as well as others) this year. San Diego had a cold snap come through the lowest temperatures in 5 years. I sure you heard how the Southern California citrus and avocado orchards were devastated in the news.

All leaves on all 7 of my Banana trees have died, and the trunks are yellowing, not a good sign I think I’ve lost all of them I’m hoping that the roots survived and can send up new sprouts.

All 6 of my Pineapples plants are damaged, I thought some would pull through after looking at them last weekend but then a hail storm came through Tuesday and that, it think pretty much did them in.

Sayote all plants DOA salvaged what fruit I could from the dead vines.

Tropical plants around the house (various) dying looks horrible I will chop them down to the roots this weekend and hope like the banana tree root will grow the spring.

Other tree’s and shrubs did not fair so well.. Well I’ll have too start over…

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1 Response to Global Colding

  1. phil_ji says:

    That’s sad. Hope you get some better news in the Spring.

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