Biked to work

The Honda broke down yesterday on my way home from work so I decided to ride my bike to work. Actually I had been planing to ride it to work for awhile now, the Honda breaking down just sort of gave me no excuse not to. The trip took me 1hour and 45 minutes and was 17.57 Miles or at least thats what told me, personally I think there is a better way, I think mapquest decided to take me a direction that would give me the most hills, for my heart of course, although it was a tough peddle up the hill the long cool ride down was enjoyable, only the first mind you after that the hills just made my legs burn.

I have learned four things from this trip…

1. Some people have NO respect for our flag and this country. As I was riding past 32nd Navel Station, near the trolley station the call the colors came (Colors for you civilian types is the raising and lowering of the American Flag). I immediately dismounted and stood with my hand over my heart on the side of the road facing the flag.  People at the trolley station did not, rather, they smoke and joked going on with their days as if nothing was going of of any importance. I and the service man at the gate of the base must have been just statues to them.

2. Stay way from Cars with Baja Mexico plates as the emissions that come out of their tail pipes does not do my lungs well.

3. Not not use a backpack! the only place the I perspired was on my back under the back pack. I’m glad I brought a change of shirt.

4. DO NOT ride though any places not paved, right across from my office I rode on the dirt because the cars were fling past me. I now need two tires and two tube as there are more then 100 thorns in my tires and they are flat.

I guess I will need a ride home from work unless I can buy tires and tubes durring lunch.

Take Care !


“I Invented The Internet, Episode 1: The Audacity.”

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