FREE Manuals for Farberware Open Hearth Rotisserie Broiler Grill HERE!:  At one time I needed to get a copy of the manual for my Farberware Open Hearth Rotisserie Broiler Grill. I could not find one anywhere EXCEPT for people selling copies on eBay. This really bugged me, to make things worse the jerks on eBay wanted like $10.00 and up for the thing. Well, I eventually found one at a second-hand store and made an electronic copy of it. Selling this manual is just wrong… if you want a copy here it is for free

UPDATE: I recently found another Farberware Open Hearth Rotisserie Broiler Grill bad news is that although the motor work, it’s not working well; Good news is it came with another manual for me to share with you.  I was able to get additional manuals as well!  I’ve just added three more manuals and an instruction sheet. If you would like to be updated when I add more manuals leave a comment and I will send you a message each time I add another manual.

I’ve place softcopy’s, adobe pdf ‘s of the manual’s at this location here. Just click on the picture or link under the picture of the manual you would like to download it;


The Cooks Handbook For Using FARBERWARE OPEN HEARTH Broiler No. 441 or Broiler Rotisserie No. 445

The Cooks Handbook For Using FARBERWARE OPEN HEARTH Broiler No. 441 or Broiler Rotisserie No. 445

NEW CAREFREE Spit Cooking with that OUTDOOR FLAVOR Model No’s. 450 and 455 Manual P15-10

Farberware Gallery of Broiler & Rotisserie Masterpieces: Your Guide to Creating Culinary Masterpiece Manual Model No’s. 450 454-A 455 455A

Instructions For Broiler/Rotisserie Assembly #455

or here http://www.mediafire.com/file/er7qb75uwi15r66/farberware-open-hearth-n0-455a.pdf

Farberware Rotisserie Manual 455N/ND – Provided courtesy of Jeffrey Strauss

Farberware Shish Kebab Accessory Fits #455 Manual – Provided courtesy of Lynda Fox

FRS200 manual
Farberware MILLENNIUM FSR200 – Provided courtesy of Scott Erickson

Or at this site:

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  1. Tracy says:

    Thank you so much for this info. My mom had one up in storage for years and I just brought it down today to roast a chicken. Everything was there-except the manual. When I saw how much people were charging, I was shocked! Why would anyone charge for a manual? Great job and thanks again for taking the time to scan the pages.

    • usabaker says:

      You are more then welcome glad I could help…


      • TraceeT says:

        Bill, Over a year later, and you are still “paying it forward”. Thanking your kind heart for taking the time and energy to post these user manuals for all to use for free. The world needs more “helper souls” like you who do things simply for the joy of being helpful. I will redouble my efforts to do the same in my life…Thanks again!

      • Pat Wilson says:


        I just happened upon your site….I am in deep fertilizer…The family and extended family love my Turkeys cooked on the Farberware. They all want Prime Rib this year and I am not sure how long it takes to cook. I know Turkeys are around 20 minutes a pound. Any help would be appreciated. since I don’t know if I will be able to get an answer through this site could you OR anyone with experience with cooking a LARGE Prime Rib, contact me at my e-mail address…help please any info would be appreciated. k9hanlr@aol.com Merry Christmas to everyone who believes and have a great day to those who think differently, may peace find you also. Pat Wilson

      • usabaker says:

        Hi Pat, the only recommendation I can provide is from the Steamy Kitchen. Its one of my go to places I just checked and she has a recipe that I think will work for you.
        Check this out –>

      • Pat Wilson says:

        Thanks for the suggestion I will take a look!

      • Pat wilson says:

        My name is Pat Wilson, I needed help with a Christmas Prime Rib using my Farberware. Your suggestion below was spot on and made me look like a 5 star chef to my family AND extended family. Thank you for taking the time to send me to the right place. If you ever do start collecting spare parts to help people out, I have some spare parts I am willing to donate to your cause….let me know.

      • usabaker says:

        Hi Pat, glad it worked out for you! did you have to modify the recipe at all?

    • Thank you so much!!!! I purchased mine at a garage sale without a manual.

  2. Jim says:

    Thank you so much for posting the Manual

  3. Gary says:

    Bless your heart, and thank you for this manual. I adopted the grill a few weeks ago as we helped my Mom clean out some cabinets of unused stuff. I remember it from my youth but hadn’t seen it for a few decades. I cooked a 3# gyro loaf on it last night.

  4. karen f. says:

    Thank you SO much for posting this manual for free.
    My mom has lent me her Farberware rotisserie, (in pristine condition) and we could not locate the manual.
    She used this back in the 1960’s and 1970’s to make great suppers for a family of 6, and sometimes for more people than that–with company included.
    This brings back many memories, and hopefully I can replicate some of the delicious meals we had many years ago.
    Never feel that you are losing out by sharing for free. I try to do this as well, and it is SO refreshing to see someone who is not merely interested in monetary gain.
    Thank you again.

  5. Mike says:

    What a lifesaver! Needed for Thanksgiving (tomorrow!).
    Many thanks and have a great holiday season.

  6. jk says:

    Thank you so much for doing this. So things are meant to be shared, and I will pay it forward, too.

  7. Dave says:

    Thanks a lot for the manual. It’s always nice when people share.

    • Normando says:

      Thanks so much. Have had mine since the 60’s and use it every Christmas Eve. The Grandkids like it better than the gas grill. Couldn’t remember if grate was “up” or “down”. Thanks again.

  8. Felicia says:

    I would also like to thank you for sharing Bill. We should start a free manual site.

    Thanks again.

  9. Jill and Hugh says:

    We found one at an estate sale…no manual. Thanks so much for “paying it forward!”

  10. Carole says:

    Thank you for posting this for free. My mother recently passed away and I found the Farberware rotisserie when cleaning out her things. Each piece was carefully wrapped in newspaper from 1986. I will think of her when I use it and of your thoughtfulness in sharing with others.

  11. Henry says:

    Thank you for posting the manual. Our neighbors parents are loaning us their rotisserie to cook a prime rib. They told us a wonderful story about how they bought one when they were just starting out and what an extravagance it was. They said it was well worth it and it lasted many, many years. Now, whenever they find a nice one for sale, they buy them as gifts for family and friends. They have introduced quite a few people to the Farberware Open Hearth. Now they will be able to include a manual to their new converts. Thanks again.

  12. MH says:

    Thank you for posting this manual for free. May God Bless You for your kindness.

  13. Gerald says:

    It was very nice to find this Farberware Broiler manual for FREE. I share the providers outrage at being charged $10 for this booklet and really appreciate the effort to post it for everyone to use gratis. My old broiler has been used three or four times each month since 1969. I had to epoxy the plastic or bakelite side support (legs) back together about 20 years ago after I dropped the grill. It is too COLD up here in Alaska to grill outside and my faithful little electric cooker does a great job. We are big fans.

  14. Faye says:

    Thank you ever so much. We are passing on our Farberware broiler/rotesserie to our daughter and couldn’t find the manual. Many good memories!

  15. P8ntldy says:

    We received the Farberware Open Hearth Rotisserie as a wedding gift in 1972 and have LOVED it over the years!! It still works great! Chicken on the rotisserie is fabulous! Everything cooked on that grill is wonderful!

    Unfortunately, my manual has disintegrated through the years. So, was looking for a new one and refused to pay the $10 (or on Amazon – some sellers wanted close to $25). I really only wanted the broiling chart page…. so I contacted Farberware – with no results.

    I just found your post and can’t THANK YOU enough!

    Actually, our son & daughter in law just bought an old victorian home from 1893 and there was a Open Hearth Rotisserie left for them. They’ll be really glad to have a manual now. Our son has enjoyed many meals cooked on ours over the years.

    Can’s believe that this product that still going strong for over 37 years!
    THANK YOU again for scanning and posting this PDF file!

  16. Kimberly in So Cal says:

    Thanks so much for posting this ~ it is truly ridiculous for someone to charge $10 for a download and at times more for an original copy on ebay. I just picked up and Open Hearth Electric Broiler/Rotisserie at at thrift store Sunday and can hardly wait to put it to use, which I couldn’t have done without your free copy of the manual.

  17. jk says:

    I can’t thank you enough for posting the free download of the Farberware Open Hearth Rotisserie/Broiler Manual. I had my Open Hearth Rotisserie and manual as a single in the 60’s and when I got married in 1972, I don’t know what happened to them. I did replace the rotisserie /grill but to my surprise, the prices for the manual were outrageous. You were very kind and generous to do this. There are not enough people like yourself who would do this. I am very grateful for what you have done.

  18. k9drum says:

    I am the person you have been criticizing about charging $10 for manual downloads. I created the downloads of all the manuals at [his web-site], which also provides important model and parts information. Back in the old days … I had to find, purchase, scan and convert all the manuals. They were hard to find, and very expensive. Not even Farberware had them. Creating [his web-site], was a combination of therapy, education, and distraction. It was either that – or get a dog. I am a single mother on Social Security Disability, and trying to put my only son through college. It used to help with books. I have been shamed into defeat and surrender. Crushed again by the USA. You win! I was wrong.

    • usabaker says:

      I don’t know who you are or what your deal is and as harsh as this may sound, I don’t care. EVERYONE has one problem or another and EVERYONE faces challenges. Honestly there were over 6 people selling the manual and I doubt my small post “singled” you out. I actually think you are a troll, whose not really the owner of that site and just posted to get a reaction from me (congrats you did,) but on the off chance you are; then maybe you should take this as a lesson, if you are reasonable about what you charge you would make more in volume rather then really SOCKET to people. I would have paid $2.00 or $3.00 bucks for something YOU DID NOT AUTHOR and I’m sure everyone here would have. You took the vampire road, Its all about supply and demand right?. I’m not sorry one single bit. I still like the price I offer it to people FREE and you should not worry you still offer way more manuals than I have (yet.) If you are REALLY struggling (since the “old days” maybe your son should get a job and put himself though school rather than make his mother suffer or better yet have him join the service and serve his country he would get the GI bill and would get paid to go to school and could send his money home to care for you. Then you wouldn’t suffer so much.

      • k9drum says:

        As if the ebay goons taking advantage of ebay’s digital ban a few years ago (including some who buy downloads from me and then sell printed copies on ebay the next day) weren’t enough of a challenge – your meanness has virtually destroyed my website. I have spent hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars to provide this service to fellow “Open Hearth” fans — for several years. I even made my own background. I do not blog. Since your meanness has already destroyed my website, I will put a (small) link to your FREE second-rate, second-edition manual on my site for all you cheap-skate bloggers. There is only one manual that serious “Open Hearth” fans want – and your FREE one is not it. Your version is best combined with the ORIGINAL 1960’s “A” version. All other versions are rarely purchased. The REAL version has the prime rib and turkey. Yours just has the gravy.

      • usabaker says:

        ” virtually destroyed my website”
        “I will put a (small) link to your FREE second-rate, second-edition manual on my site for all you cheap-skate bloggers. There is only one manual that serious “Open Hearth” fans want – and your FREE one is not it.”

        You seem to be contradicting yourself, on one hand you say I “destroyed” your website on the other hand you say the manual I am giving away free is not the one people want anyhow. So how is it that if the manual I have is a “second-rate, second-edition manual” how am I destroying your website?

        OHhhhh… I get it this is your attempt at trying to get people to visit your site, the same reason you put a link to your site twice in the prior post. SO the real story is not that I have destroyed your site but that you are using my blog to advertise your site. Shameless! Gess Louise, stop your whining already. BTW: I’ll be posting more manuals in the future.

        ” I even made my own background. ” Wow maybe you should get a work at home job as a graphic artist.

  19. Gary says:

    k9drum – I think your anger is misdirected. Bill here did not “ruin your website”. He provided a service, just like you, only he didn’t charge anybody for it.
    Sounds like you need to diversify if your business model is so fragile that a simple blog post can crash it.
    Bill, thanks again for the manual.
    Regards, Gary

    • Steve in Wilmer, Alabama says:

      Yes! Yes! Yes! Mr. usabaker, I whole heartedly appreciate what you have done as far as making the manuals available I cannot express enough gratitude, so please accept
      this simple “Thank You” as being from the heart.
      I agree with your sentiments directed at Ms. k9drum, she seems to have a case of “poor me”. I too am on S.S Disability and I too have other ways of garnering income, often with competition. That’s life, competition, survival of the fittest. Whining won’t accomplish anything except animosity amongst the people you subject to your whining. Yes, her son should pull his own weight, I did, 6 yrs active duty military, 1972 – 1978. I’m now 60 and still doing the best I can with what I’ve got.
      Gary, you also make a very valid point.

      BTW, I have drug mine around from New York to CT all the way to AL since 1978.

  20. mzmarked says:

    This is not the Gallery of Broiler & Rotisserie Masterpieces. It has different recipes.

    • usabaker says:

      mzmarked – Added Gallery of Broiler & Rotisserie Masterpieces yesterday if you would like it along with other manuals. Just go back to my blog and click on the picture of the manual’s you want. Enjoy!

      • kathi says:

        Thank you, Thank you!!! Got it in my head to use my Farberware Open Rotisserie – which I received as a gift in 1975!!! We moved a few years ago and I couldn’t find my manual – and it’s been awhile since I used the machine. I was shocked to see the charge to get a manual! I have downloaded mauals from companies many times and never was there a charge. Thank you again – and my family thank you for when I make the best rotisserie chicken on Father’s Day!!!

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  22. Tesha Barringer says:

    Thank you so much for posting this manual!!!! A neighbor passed away and his sister was just giving away things. I didnt know what it could be used for but I wanted it. After looking at the previous post, I can tell that it has been around for a looooooooooong time and it can make your life easier when you have a big family or lots of dinners! THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU! KEEP DOING GOOD AND DONT FEED INTO NEGATIVITY!!!! HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!

  23. Andrew says:

    Thanks for the manuals. My friend was moving and knew that I was interested in a rotisserie and he stopped over yesterday and said I could have his Farberware open hearth broiler. It had no manuals and I found your site, thanks and I learned from all the comments how nice these things really are. Wow, I guess I got a really good gift!
    Thanks again!

  24. deborah long says:

    I let my daughter use it to roast a turkey and she was very upset, because it was still pink inside and had been cooking for 6 plus hours for a 12 lb. turkey. then she told me that when the juices would drip on to the coil, it would catch on fire. I told her i never had that problem and if she did not want it, to bring it back and they did. so now i am taking out my turkey and going to test it out. wish me luck. i love it and always have.

    • usabaker says:

      The problem I found with turkey is that when the Farberware Open Rotisserie was made turkey were less meaty. The trukeys from the market to day have much larger breasts, amoung other things, and will cook longer then the book say. I’ll bet that she kept the grating in as well. Make sure you removed the grill grating so you can get the turkey closer to the heating element. Not sure why she would get fire, I cook pork all the time and don’t have that issue…. intresting…. Good luck though I hope you can figure it out.

    • deborah long says:

      well, now i have to order a bar thingy that holds up the grill part. i wanted to fix turkey this weekend but now i have to wait and fix it in the old oven. oh well. i will order it anyways. miss using my awesome rotisserie. its fab u lous.

  25. Thank you for taking the time to pdf these manuals/booklets. I got my Open Hearth from my mom after seeing my sister use hers to roast a chicken. I was going to take it to the thrift store because I never used the darn thing, but decided to give it try. I may just hang on to it and try some of the recipes. I’m roasting a chicken as I write this!

  26. shawn rice says:

    Thank you so much for posting these. I just got one from a second hand store that is apparently unused; but had neither it’s box nor manuals.

  27. Katrina Smith says:

    You Rock!!!

  28. OregonBaker says:

    Thank you for posting this manual. I was making great food on the Farberware Open Rotisserie but now I believe it will be much better. I had my chicken much higher than what the manual stated. Gonna try it the right way this time and I can’t wait to try it

  29. Elaine says:

    Hello, which model Rotisserie would you recommend I search for? Are they all good? (Farberware, of course). -Elaine

  30. Elaine says:

    Hi again, just saw lots of different models on Ebay and would love some advice on buying. Need to know if I should buy vintage or the ones that look newer. Any info would be helpful. I am excited to buy one of these but need to know from the experts here what to look out for. Many Thanks, Elaine R.

    • usabaker says:

      Hi Elaine,
      All of the models you are seeing have varying degrees of options and ‘improvements’. At the basic level all of them do the same thing. The ‘newer’ models are a little longer and have improved motors. Because of their age, all of them are old; I would try and get something as new as possible just because it will last longer. I own thee of those the one I use the most is the model 455.

  31. lisa says:

    Thank you Elaine!!! You are an Angel. I found one today on our share table in our mobile home park but it had no manual. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful you are. Thanks again. lisa

  32. jeff medders says:

    Thanks so much for the manual! One more favor… I am missing the arms that hold the spit. Could you measure yours and tell me the dimensions? I have the materials to build them but I would rather not have to guess at the height and depth of the little hooks. sincerely, Jeff@salinegateway.org

  33. Eileen Gillis says:

    Bless your heart. My Mom passed away last month at the age of 92.. My youngest adult son was remembering the the many times that he and his grandma made wonderful hamburgers on her open hearth broiler. That was many years ago. Mom had her own special method of broiling the hamburgers, putting a thick slice of onion on the burger and then toasting the bun and assembling the perfect burger. Yes, that made me find a broiler rotisserie unit so that we may continue this tradition and teach our grandchildren the special way their great grandma made her burgers…………..Looking forward to much fun and remembering Mom

  34. Eileen Gillis says:

    Thank you very much for posting these manuals free to me. I truly appreciate it.

    We should all pay it forward daily.

    Thanks again

  35. Nancy Venegas says:

    Just wanted to thank you for posting these manuals. Bought a Series 435 that was never used at a thrift store for $8.00 but it didn’t have a manual with it. I can not find anything out about my model number but these books will do the trick. Thanks again. – Nancy

  36. Zippity says:

    So many thanks for doing what we should all do every day.. What has happened to people these days???? Greed, Greed, Greed…. You just taught us a great lesson we often forget !! Help out your fellow man…. it’s what American is all about… We just need to be reminded once in awhile..For that we all thank you !!!!!!!!!!

  37. Dane says:

    The official Farberware site also sells the manuals and has one that has all 7 manuals in one for 11.95. You can also order parts. See it here at: Ste-Link-Deleted

    • usabaker says:

      Hi Dane, You are right in your correction. THAT IS NOT the Farberware official site. Farberware not longer supports these. The reason she is selling them all for 12.00 is because of my blog, she use to sell EACH manual for 9.00. She even came to my blog and sent me email insulting me and spewing all kinds of garbage. Her link is not welcome on my blog as she is a useless twit. I have ALL the manuals that have found at 2nd hand stores and from people how shared theirs with me. I’ve just not posted them all yet, But I will now soon. people should NOT have to pay for these manuals, that person is not the author and should not profit off other peoples work.

  38. Dane says:

    Sorry! After looking at the site more closely, it is not the official Farberware site, but it still looks like a good resource.

    • usabaker says:

      As I said the person who runs that site is a rotten person and a snake. So her link will NEVER be posted on my blog. just scroll to the bottom to see just some of the crap she wrote, maybe I should post her email messages as well.

  39. jason says:

    i thank you so much. i just bought a 455a with Shish Kebab rack for $25. but i found out when i went to use it for the first time they had the wrong coard with it for the heating element. i found the one for sale for 4.99. my mom uses hers every time i come home for pork rost cant wait to use mine.
    thank you for your info.
    SGT LaRoque

  40. Eric Rairdon says:

    Thank you Bill for your work making this available to everyone. We have been buying these for several years now…both for ourselves and the kids. The best place we have found is Goodwill Stores here in the greater Portland and Seattle area. Often parts are missing but by buying several we wind up with spare parts. Heating elements and motors,etc. Prices run $12 to $20. Some units are “like new”. I suspect it was given as a wedding present and then put up on the self and forgotten. Tip: Disassemble motors and remove the old grease. Replace with Lubriplate white grease. These are well designed motors and rarely wear out. Sometimes at Goodwill, the motors will end up over in Electronics. Go look for it before giving up and leaving the store. ER.

  41. Harriet Moore says:

    Thank you for posting PDFs of these manuals. I inherited this Farberware broiler from my father and I love using it. I will also enjoy being able to refer to these manuals.

    Harriet Moore

  42. mark says:

    thank you! very much! I just picked up two open hearth yesterday and feally look forward to cooking with them

  43. Thanks so much for posting the manuals. I have misplaced mine and hadn’t used the rotisserie in so long that I needed to refresh my memory.

  44. K8 Schultz says:

    Thank YOU! We downloaded last nite, because I just scored on a 455-a rotisserie locally for $25.00!! (could have paid $20.00, but hey–fair is fair!)


  45. openhearth says:

    Thank you for posting this manual. I had my chicken much higher than what the manual stated. Gonna try it the right way this time and I can’t wait to try it

  46. mike says:

    Thank you Bill for taking the time to scan and post these manuals for free. I just picked up a 450 and I’m going to try it this weekend.

  47. Chris says:

    Thank you very much for the free manual.
    My husband went out to grill steaks in the snow and could’t get the grill to light. Oh what to do. He asked where is that indoor grill we got as a wedding gift (34 yrs ago) We got it out but couldn’t find the manual, Your blog saved the day! Thanks again
    We also realized that we need a new cord, the cord was way too hot while cooking the steaks.
    Any suggestions where to buy one?

    Do to others as you would want them to do to you! Thanks for the example

  48. Chris Neagle says:

    Like so many of the other comments posted here – we are thrilled to have found the cookbook on your site for free. We moved into a new home recently that did not have appliances and this vintage grill was given to us by my Dad who acquired it from my Great Aunt! Not only have we put it to good use, but feel we have honored my Dad and my aunt by using it so frequently. It’s wonderful! Question for you: My husband insists the meat should be “tented” and becomes rather concerned about the consistency of the heating and worries about the timing of larger meats – any opinions?

    • usabaker says:

      Chris, If you follow the instructions in the manual there should be no need to tent it. I’ve cook a great deal on this and have never had to do anything additional. I’ll I do out side of what the manual say is to cover the inside to the open heath with foil because i’m lazy to clean ;P if you are worried about the temp of the meat just get a meat thermometer, remember when you let the meat rest 10 minutes after cooking the internal temp will rise about 5°F so if you are cooking to 145, take the meat off at 140 then let it rest for 10 minutes. THere is a great meet guide at this website;

  49. William Ryan says:

    You are awesome!

  50. lucyna says:

    I used my mom’s rotisserie/broiler and HAVE NO IDEA how to release the stainless pan
    from the plastic cradle.

  51. LINDA EDMONDS says:

    I wanted to thank you for taking the time to copy and post all this information. Like so many others that took the time to thank you, I too am most appreciative for being able to print this information , which I needed to help out a friend of mine. I have another manual, aside from the one I just copied (Gallery Of Broiler, Rotisserie Masterpieces) that came with mine called “Farberware Company’s Coming”(with blue cover). If I knew how to do all the scanning and posting like you did for others, I would share this with everyone, but would be happy to mail it to you for this purpose and have you return it to me when you are finished. It also contains recipes. I am literally so appalled at the nasty comments you received and thrilled you were able to turn the tables on those with hearts not nearly as generous as yours. Thanks Again, Linda

  52. Tracy L says:

    Thanks for the info. My dad gave me one, still in the box, no manual. He got it from a friend while visiting in Maryland and brought it home to Alabama. I am going to try a chicken tomorrow.

  53. Bill says:

    Many thanks for the many cook books. For over 20 years I have wanted a Ferware Broiler. I used one all the time when I was living at home in the 1970S. Just got one but without manual or cook books. What a nice thing you have done,

  54. Sid says:

    Thanks so much, i was about to get ripped off on Ebay, Thanks again.

  55. Brigitte Cowan says:

    Thanks so much for posting these. My father in law gave me his before he died and I wanted to be able to use it but it had no manual. Now I will use and enjoy and think of him when I do. Thanks again.

  56. Jane Nelson says:

    thank you for posting this information. We just bought the electric broiler at an auction and we were quite sure how to use or or how long to cook different kinds of meat. I’m saving this in my favorites so I can refer back to it often.

  57. Mark Selleck says:

    I’m curious: We inherited a grill from my in-laws, and it had no manual. After looking at your posted manuals, which I’ve downloaded, I have been unable to find any information on one part we have. It is a piece of stainless steel that is slightly bent along the center line, the long dimension, to form an elongated “V”. In its bent form it is almost exactly the same size as the opening below the grill element. I can’t figure out what is supposed to be done with this piece.

    Thanks for any help, and thanks for making the manuals available.


  58. ljl819 says:

    10-28-12 THANK YOU so much for posting this manual. I got my grill/rotisserie back from my daughter after 10 years, it’s still like new but no manual. You are so thoughtful to share it with all of us. -Linda, Hesperia CA

  59. ashraf says:

    how can i purchase new one please help me

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  61. Carla says:

    Wow. Thank you very much for sharing. A woman from my church didn’t want her broiler/rotisserie any more, asked if I wanted it, I said sure. But no manual. Thanks again for your generosity.

  62. Rebecca Townsend, Stafford says:

    So glad I found this, I found my broiler/rotisserie at a goodwill store, (brand new) however there is no motor, nor was there a manual, So I am now looking for the motor to turn the rotisserie. any idea’s? I am so excited about trying this out, any help from anyone would be very helpful. thanks so much.

    • usabaker says:

      Rebecca, I’ve had good luck at finding motors at the swap meet. Short of that the only place I know you can get them is eBay. Good luck and enjoy your grill!

  63. R. Baker says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this information. My dad use to have two of these going during Easter to cook ham for company. Years later I found one at a church yard sale and now enjoy cooking with it.

  64. Trudi says:

    Thanks so much for this act of kindness. I was so pleased to find your post as I had lost my manual after all these years and wanted to consult the cooking chart. You are a very kind person and I am hoping that you have like karma.

  65. Leah Candler says:

    Thank you, I am planning on putting on my prime rib today. It is one of my family’s favorites’. We have been cooking on the Farberware (turkey, prime and ham) going on 25 years now. I had one that I passed on to my son and I am using my mom’s today. Bless you for for sharing the manuals. Have a most wonderful Christmas today.

  66. Tina says:

    12/25/12 – Merry Christmas – pulled out my grill to do cornish hens. This grill has to be 30+years old and of course the manual is long gone – Thanks for allowing me to download yours.

  67. Gregg says:

    I can not thank you enough for the time you took to put the posts up that you have done. Thank you

  68. Brenda says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these manuals with us! I was just talking with my sister, sad that my CharBroil Electric Patio Kettle died on me. She suggested I get a Farberware. She has been using one for years. She buys them for $5 at yard sales and thrift stores. She’s going to “gift” me one!!

  69. Frank Palermo says:

    Would like to know if you could post the shish kebob manual, #455 I think it’s called? Thanks.

    • usabaker says:

      Hi Frank, sorry but I don’t have a manual for the optional shish kebob. I normally find manuals at second hand stores and swap meets I’ve been to neither in a longtime but when I do go I will keep an eye out for one and post it

      • Frank Palermo says:

        Thanks so much, will keep a eye out too. Will let you know if and when if i come across one.

  70. Kim H. says:

    Much appreciation for taking the time and effort to post the manual for the rotisserie! Thanks!!

  71. Deb Hill says:

    I think all of us who grew up in the 60-70’s era recall these, with fond affection, as a fun family appliance our parents used. I thought it was really “space-age”. Now, I inherited my Mom’s and like everyone, the manual was long gone. This was a last ditch effort to find help….googling. Wow! Thanks for so much info….even the recipes. And especially reading all the comments from everyone! We all have a great American bond !!!!

  72. Jef Lawlor says:

    Very nice of you to post the manual information. I have a vintage motorhome… 1976 Midas/GMC drive train) and am always looking for vintage era stuff. It has the original Magic Chef stove and convection /microwave convenction oven and a NEVER USED toaster oven. I just picked up two open hearth grills in excellent shape WITH a manual for the 450 n model at a yard sale and get this… $4 for BOTH!! They are both missing the spit supports and I have been unable to find them on the internet so I guess I’ll have to do a little fabricating. If anyone may have these please let me know! jlawlor@award-design.com

  73. Gordon Tinsman says:

    Thank you so much for posting these manuals. I bought my Open Hearth for $5.00 at a garage sale back in 1977. It had never been plugged in and even had a hideous print vinyl cover. I wanted to try the spit roasted chicken again after years of not using it and had to fabricate a new cord and the heating element support. For some reason I could not find them. I’m sure my manual is here somewhere, but you helped me to read it now and I can look for it later.

    God Bless!

  74. Carol says:

    Thank you so much for this FREE manual!!! I too saw the sites where they were charging to download this manual!!! My brother and I bought this for our parents for Christmas many years ago. My parents and my brother have passed away and I now have this Open Hearth but no manual!! I have also lost my husband and will find this a great way to prepare grilled and roasted meals for myself. I don’t know the year we bought it but do think it was in the 60’s! It is in perfect condition and looks brand new. My mother had a vinyl cover made specifically for this item and she always kept it covered and sparkling clean. The cover is still on it!! I know I will enjoy using this now that I have the manual!!! Thank you again so very much!!!

  75. R Roser says:

    Just another note of GENUINE GRATITUDE for your efforts here. I received mine from my grandparents, and will soon be buying another one for our son. We have used ours for years and years. It’s still running strong and it’s one of our favorite appliances. With your labor of kindness we can now start exploring the full extent of rotisserie/broiler cooking.

  76. K. Wilson says:

    My wife and I have had our broiler since the early 70s when we were married. We have continued to use it countless times over the years and it obviously made to last for a long time. I found these manuals and truly appreciate you scanning these into pdf files (you did an excellent job, btw)!!
    Our manual was lost decades ago so this was like finding gold.
    These Farberware broilers were made with quality materials and desiged to be simple and last
    In today’s world, these would be typically be made in China with cheap materials and craftsmanship. Grilled pork chops on it tonight.

  77. Alan says:

    Thanks a bunch. I have 2, one was my mom’s and the other I found at the good will. No manuals until now. Nice to see others thing pay forward reaps rewards

  78. Marilyn says:

    I’m cooking a 6.20 lb. bone- in prime rib on our wonderful rotisserie. How long should I let it cook medium to medium-rare?

  79. Gary says:

    Thanks for posting the manuals. I am a freestyle chef, (I use what I have), but always need
    help on cooking times. Ther manuals cover it all. Thanks again!!!!

  80. Jeff says:

    Kindly advise if you would like a copy of another Farberware Rotisserie manual to post to your website. The manual is for models 455N, and 455nd. I believe it is the manual that came with the last rotisseries sold by Farberware in 1985. If you want a .pdf file of the manual please email me directly.

  81. kris says:

    i never reply to things but i had to this time. Been looking for this item for a while. Had one years ago. I live in an apartment now and cant bbq so was looking for something with open drip. All you can find now days is the “george forman type”. Dont like those. Found today at goodwill for $8.00. (no rotesseri but oh well). I was thrilled and just for fun decided to see if there was a manual availble. Found you. You are a wonderful person to do this. Thank you so much!

  82. Laura says:

    Thank you ! I just picked up this grill and I had no idea how to use it. Thank you again for taking the time to scan and post these.

  83. Judy says:

    Thank you! Received this Xmas 1970, lost instructions for cooking times, but have used it over the years and will be enjoying a great barbeque once again.

  84. Jan says:

    We just cleaned out my parents house yesterday and no one else wanted the grill so I brought it home. I had to guess at how to put it together. I’m so glad you took the time and effort to put the manuals here. I really want to use it and show my husband how my mom used to cook for us. Thank you so much.

  85. CINDY says:


  86. Jon Cimone says:

    Add me to the list of the very grateful so glad to have found your blog! I had a Farberware grill years ago and foolishly gave it away and now I’m looking for another one on eBay. Going through all the manuals, others’ comments and your replies, I’m more informed and know which model I want now. Thank You!

  87. I just purchased a manual for the 455N on ebay and scanned it. Would you like to add it to your free online collection? Let me know how to get it to you. I’ve been playing Johnny Farberwareseed for thirty years, buying up Open Hearth rotisseries, replacing missing parts, and giving them away. It’s nice to be able to refer them to your online manuals! Thanks so much.

  88. jeanio says:

    Thank you so much for providing these PDFs. I will be enjoying my homemade rotisserie chicken tonight!

  89. Amanda R. says:

    Thank you very much for taking the time to post this manual. I love finding vintage kitchen gadgets and have such a hard time finding the manuals. I just picked up what I think is a model 450 at a thrift store for $8.00. There’s no rotisserie kit but I’m really just excited about an indoor grill. Can’t wait to start cooking on it! Thanks again & have a blessed day. =)

  90. Joe Hussin says:

    I am looking to purchase a Farberware Rotisserie and noticed many different models. The models I found on line are 441, 445, 450, 454A, 455, 455A, 455N, 455ND, 456 and 460. I looked all over and can’t find the differences between the models. Does anybody know what the differences are?

    • Jeannie Degan says:

      Joe, by now you may have already bought your Farberware Rotisserie, but in case you haven’t, this is what I suggest. The broiler models ( the complete base where you can broil on the grill) are #450 & 460. The rotisserie unit which includes motor, spit, etc. for these broiler models are models #454 & 454-A which are 115 volts, 60 cycles, 14 watt receptacle and motor. I understand that there are universal motors out there that will do the job too. Hope this helps. Jeannie

  91. Cathy says:

    Bless your heart! I bought mine at a garage sale years ago and in several moves forgot that I had it. I’m now cleaning it up and going to see if it works. A manual didn’t come with it. I’m like you that it is so aggravating that something that people wouldn’t think twice about throwing away if they came across it without the actual grill try to profit by selling it online.

  92. Jeannie Degan says:

    Thank you for the free manuals. I hope you realize how much of a blessing you are! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  93. Liz, Islip, NY says:

    WOW! Thank you so much for posting the manuals. My BIL just gave one to my husband. It was their mothers. I have no idea what year it is, but am excited to try it.

  94. vicki says:

    thank you so much I had all the parts and no manual ,so we could use it for thanksgiving this year their should be more people like you who help us all find our missing itens

  95. Bill Utnage says:

    Thanks for the free manual, I bought the rotisserie 30 years ago, used it for awhile, then put it in the away. Got it out a couple of weeks ago, couldn’t find the manual. Again, you are a life saver. Thanks Bill,

  96. Sandy Schmitt says:

    I bought the open grill in 1975. A couple years later, I loaned my recipe book to a friend and never got it back (some friend!). The recipe I really missed was the Broiled Beef Short Ribs. The barbeque sauce was SO good and SO easy! I have thought about it many times over the years but didn’t know where I could find the book. My husband just today bought this big EXPENSIVE pellet grill and smoker. He’s making short ribs as I type this with the recipe book that came with it…which made me again think about MY recipe. THANK YOU for giving it back to me!!!! Next time we’ll use mine!

  97. Andi says:

    Thank you for sharing your manuals! The time and effort you have put into providing these items saved ME a lot of time searching the internet – and it looks like money – for the manual I needed.

  98. Steve says:

    My brother found one at a garage sale a few years ago and after see the neat foods he cooked on it, I wanted one too. Last year I almost got my wish at an estate sale I went to. But I arrived too late, a man was carrying out “my” Farberware. But today I finally scored. It’s a little used but in great shape. Thanks for the posting of these manuals and cooking ideas.

  99. Ricgie says:

    Bill… Thanks for posting these manuals. Scored a unit at Goodwill for $12, it appears to work great. Putting a chicken on this afternoon. Btw… mine came with an extra spit and motor support. If anyone needs these leave a reply. -Richie

  100. Sue Ann says:

    It is incredibly kind of you to make these manuals available free! I bought one of the rotisseries at a thrift shop in 1995, but I have never had the recipes or instructions. This will make using it again a priority, instead of a dread. Thanks!

    Sue Ann

  101. Phil says:

    I’ll just add my thanks to all these others. Very thoughtful of you to make it available. We got ours out after not using for years but no manual. We wondered how long to cook a whole chicken and you had the info. Thanks so much.

  102. Karen Long says:

    Thanks for the comment section. I have learned other hints that help with using my Model 455 Rotisserie. Keep the great ideas comming. Thanks Bill. Good job.

  103. Sus says:

    Thank you SO much for making these manuals available! I am looking forward to using a 28-years-old but little used Farberware rotisserie/grill.

  104. mikebaz says:

    Awesome info… I am looking for a Faberware rotisserie. Do you know the differences between the model #s…? Ie 455A, 455N, 450 etc… Do the letters stand for anything?

  105. mikebaz says:

    I guess I would ask which one of the older vintage Farberware rotisseries is the one to get…

  106. Karen says:

    I guess I would ask if you are going to make a new model of indoor smokeless grill to replace this one? I want this one so bad, but can’t find one that is new in the box. I can only hope you will make a grill like this that has the same quality as this one does. Thanks for your help

    • usabaker says:

      Sorry but I’m not the MFG of this product. I’m just a happy user and owner of three type. That said, if some venture capitalist would like to fund me I can bring a ‘like’ product to the market 🙂

  107. paula Snow says:

    I’m looking for a replacement cord for my faberware rotisserie 400 series I’ve used It for many years, last time used the cord melted, the plug part.

  108. Bessie Smith says:

    Thank you for sharing the books. Hubby won’t grill in the rain and I forgot I even had mine still.

  109. Monika says:

    So happy i found you! I’d purchased this Open Hearth rotisserie about 8 months ago for $5 at a goodwill. all parts included except the manual. I was going to sell the rotisserie in a garage sale next weekend and thought i’d look up it’s selling value and instead found tutorials on youtube and recipes/ways to use it, then lead me to look up the manual and found you! (i’m totally keeping this now and will put it to good use this week). Thank you for sharing these manuals. I’m completely thriled!

  110. Christine says:

    I too am looking for a rotisserie motor and spit rod….bought one at auction for $12 but did not have the spit rod and motor was very corroded inside….don’t know where to locate parts….do you? thanks for the manual though…can still use the broiler…..can’t wait to try it!!!

    • usabaker says:

      I often find parts here and there most at 2nd hand stores so that where you should look first, ebay is a good source too. Maybe I’ll start collecting parts to provide those who need them since i’m often asked this question.

    • Sue Ann says:

      I have seen them periodically listed on eBay. I have an open request for all Farberware to be added to my page to examine, and I have gotten quite a few things from eBay, vintage kitchen equipment. Many folks sell the parts when they have them. That would be the first place to look. It might take a month or two …

      • paula Snow says:

        I have an extra set of rods! Bought a used rotisserie unit at the good will, no motor,but had one from before! Not all rodsare the same size

  111. Vivian Hajnal says:

    Having problems with my oven. Remembered my old rotisserie in the basement. Retrieved it and am cooking a pork roast. Bought the unit in the late 70s. Mostly used it for chickens. Yummy! Could not find my manual and so am grateful for yours, and the many options. Thanks for the help and an enjoyable read.

  112. Lydia says:

    Any chance you have or know where I can get a copy of the Farberware Electric Skillet 344A dome stainless manual? Not having any luck searching except for someone who scanned it and is selling it for 9.99…is that even okay to do? thanks for any help you can offer.

  113. tigerpaw says:

    For anyone who has the motor stop working on one of these – and you are a little bit handy – check the alignment between the rotating coil that drives the gears and the electromagnetic steel cylinder that it sits in. Mine was slightly misaligned and the magnet on one side pulled the rotating coil too much, stopping the rotation when plugged in. I loosened the two screws that hold the cylinder and pushed it down and to the left as far as it would go, then tightened the screws. Voila! Now it turns again! Going to use it tonight on a leg of lamb for Christmas Eve.

  114. Richie says:

    Thanks again to Bill for putting these manuals online. I was able to give an Open Hearth as a gift to a friend this Christmas, and included a copy of the manual. My fiancee and I have bought a few of these at local thrift stores and then completed them by buying parts on eBay. They make excellent gifts!

    Something to note: the motors on these are all at least 20+ years old. You may note that it is slow to start, makes a lot of noise, etc. I’ve disassembled the ones we bought and found all the grease had turned to varnish or goo. If one is comfortable with things mechanical you can carefully take them apart. MAKE SURE IT IS UNPLUGGED! Inside is the motor and a series of gears. Disassemble and clean the parts with “goop” hand cleaner that uses no water; scrub with an old toothbrush, toothpicks and/or cotton swabs. Wipe parts clean with paper towel. Oil the pin bearings with 3-in-1 oil, placing a single drop on each bearing. Grease the gear sprockets and pinions with a bit of high temp lithium grease. Make sure to get some grease on the “final” gear bushing between the motor baseplate and where it seats, the one that contains the socket for the spit rod. Take lots of pictures when disassembling! It helps when putting it all back together. I was amazed at the difference after servicing. As in any DIY project YOU ARE THE FINAL JUDGE OF YOUR ABILITY TO DO THIS AND REASSEMBLE.

    • Sue Ann says:

      Your instructions are timely and helpful. I just bought a house this week, and I will FINALLY have enough counter space to use the one I bought at a thrift store twenty years ago. I imagine that the grease has deteriorated since last I used it, nineteen years ago. Thanks so much! (Especially the comment about taking lots of pictures….very helpful to be reminded of that.)

  115. Donna says:

    Thank you so much for these instructions. I inherited one of these from my grandparents, and I do not think it has ever been used. I got it set up but was not sure how closely to put the chicken to the element. Your instructions were very helpful!

  116. Suzy says:

    I know it’s been said, but thank you so much for posting this! I’m going to spend some time reading your blog. You rock!

  117. Linda says:

    I have not used it is years but I used to use it often. When I took it out there was no manual. I was so happy to find the ones you posted. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

  118. Mike says:

    Thanks so much for making this kind service available. Very much appreciated!! Seems silly (maybe) to write about a rotisserie… BUT, this was a special part of our family’s cooking for many years. Countless meals, gatherings and laughs with family and many friends. It was an item very specific to a period, and timeless at the same time since we are still using it. It certainly defined a specific era in my life growing up. Lots of memories made, and more being made in our home.

    Thanks again for keeping this alive and thriving…!!

  119. KK says:

    Oh what a great resource! Got one from my grandmother’s estate and was relying on family lore to cook anything. I LOVE all the fun recipes too! Devil Bones = Buffalo chicken wings? Too cool. One question, I searched and searched for a date on my unit or the manuals and found nothing. Any idea around how old these units are? One comment here said a wedding present in 1972. Is that about right? Thanks again! At this rate, my kids are going to inherit it!

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  121. Pat says:

    Thanks so much for the manuals. My friend cooked ribs on his and they were amazing and it was so easy. No gas, no smoke and indoor cooking. So he found one for me. I am so excited.

  122. Tom Painter says:

    Thanks so much for the Farberware Broiler manuals. Though used infrequently, and not used in some time, we would not part with it. Now, we need to pack things up for storage and I made sure the broiler was clean and we had all the parts, but noticed I could not find the manuals anywhere. Now I can print the PDFs of the manuals and pack them together with the broiler – THANKS to you.

  123. G E Moore says:

    Like all the above, Thank you very much for the guide, I am now excited to try out my machine, Sure wish more people thought like you..

  124. Inez Ramclam says:

    Hello, You are a wonderful man for helping people get the manual they need for free. But I like to know if you have a manual for the r4550 rotisserie grill. I bought one that did not have a manual and have searched and searched for a manual. Learning recipes is not so much an issue as it is for me to know how to put it together. If you can have better luck finding it to download than I have I would be appreciated. Thank you

    • usabaker says:

      Hi Inez, There is almost NO difference between the R4550 and the Farberware Rotisserie Manual 455N/ND. The 455N/ND manual is on my blog. I’ll keep and eye out for the R4550 manual and let you know when I’ve found one

  125. Alexandra says:

    Thank you so much for sharing all the manuals you have found for the farberware rotisserie. I was at my favorite second hand store today and bought one in perfect condition for $8.00 but it didn’t have any paperwork. I have usually been lucky finding manuals for most things but last time I was there I bought a scale made by a company I would have thought would keep their manuals for at least a year after they discontinue a scale but I can’t find do that one anywhere and it has no model number. Anyway, I was a bit gunshy today but you came through. Thank you so very much.

  126. Debra says:

    Thank you…I have had this for about 30+ years and fix the same thing every time because without the manual, I’m just not sure what to do!! So now I can actually try a turkey on it. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness.

  127. Allex says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to post these manuals! I have my mother’s 40+ yr open hearth rotisserie and finally took it for a test drive last night thanks to your manual! Amazing! Not only does it work perfectly after all these years but what a lovely trip down memory lane looking at these old manuals and recipes. I can still smell my mom’s famous lemon garlic rotisserie chicken! Can’t wait to make Porchetta and toying w/the idea of trying the turkey on the spit this year! Why the heck did Farberware quit making these, I only hear rave reviews about them and they are definitely built to last!!

  128. Carol says:

    I have had my Farberware Broiler-Rotisserie & Shish Kabob Grill for 42 years. I use it all the time and the food turns out delicious. I moved 2 years ago from California to Idaho and lost my manual. I thank you so much for offering them for free. I do appreciate it.

  129. Robert says:

    I got a Grill for a wedding present and used it just about everynight until it broke (cord end got brittle and broke) , Now I just Bought a 455A and a 455N after 25 years without one and they needed the manuals. Thanks for the download, I wonder why they don’t make these anymore….. RONCO’s are so cheaply made.

  130. DD says:

    Thank you so much. I have the manual somewhere……and have used rotisserie every year for prime rib on Christmas and guessed at the doneness. This is what Christmas is about, people helping people and your kindness is appreciated. God Bless and Merry Christmas!

  131. Alie says:

    My Grill was a shower gift when I got Married in 1958. Guess it is one of the earliest models. After 4 major moves, I discovered it last week, well packed with most of the parts. I remember how fabulous the rotisserie chicken tasted and can’t wait to use it for my 2nd husband, thanks to your kindhearted and free manual availability. We try to fix everything so I’m aware of the pitfalls and expenses in locating the manuals. God bless you for your determination to share!! It is truly amazing that this product is still so popular since it still works! Stall well and prosper!!

  132. Sharon says:

    Thank you for the Farberware file. I haven’t used mine for bratwurst in years and couldn’t remember which way to place the rack.

    My mom-in-law shared a tip for rotisserie. She would hang a sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil from a cabinet door hanging down below the back of the stand. The chicken would get done faster and there wasn’t any chicken splatter. Mmmm. Wish I had a whole chicken handy!

    • Sue Ann Harfst says:

      Sharon, thank you for that suggestion! That has been the only drawback since I got mine at a thrift store twenty-odd years ago.

  133. Bob says:

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU for posting the manuals.

  134. Charles Cowani says:

    Thank you for the info! I found this wonderful machine in my grandmother’s garage when she passed away and wasn’t real sure what to do with it or how to put it together! Turns out all the pieces are there including the wire basket for cooking chicken wings! I’m going to try it out this Christmas dinner! Thanks again!

  135. Tammt says:

    Thank you for posting these manuals!! I received one from my moms estate as she bragged about using it all the time. I thought I’d give it a try!

  136. Margie says:

    After my mom died in June of last year I found hers while going thru her things , so I decided to use it to roast a chicken but I think I was missing the part that would make it turn, so my question is where can I find extra parts for it????

  137. Hilja says:

    Thank you for posting this!! I just recently acquired an open Hearth rotisserie model 444, 454A with no manual. Your free manual made it so I could roast a chicken tonight!!! It smells delicious! Thank you!! Hilja

  138. Brenda says:

    My husband found one on the side of the road. It was in its box and thankfully works perfectly. It was missing a couple of the rotissarie parts and the manual. Thank you so much for providing the manual free of charge! Prices for it are ridiculous on EBay!

  139. marie G says:

    I have discovered a Farberware indoor grill Model 435 in my closet–in good shape but hesitate to plug it in because of its age —Ive had it for 20 years. Your manuals have really helped me Thank you.The question is will it blow a fuse?. Thanks again.

    • usabaker says:

      I’ve never had one or even heard of one blow a fuse. But I would guess it would depend on the load you have on the circuit you are plugging into most home have 15AMP outlets in the house and 20AMP in the kitchen both are rated for the grill. If you can plug a vacuum in and it wont blow a fuse I would say you are okay with the grill

      • Sue Ann says:

        I used mine in an apartment in an elderly house where I literally was afraid to plug in my computer for two years, and I never did. The electricity there was dubious at best. (Old, thread-wrapped lines.) And I never had the slightest trouble with the rotisserie. I ran it for five solid hours before a party one time, and there was no problem at all. I cannot conceive of it blowing a fuse. It does not blow the circuit breaker in my current house.

  140. Lee A says:

    I just want to Thank You, like the people above have. We received this open heart rotisserie in 1982 for a wedding gift. We used it so many times, my husband just loved it and we did many a prime rib, but after losing him in 2005 the rotisserie was put away for moving purposes and for a long time I could not even picture it being used. well anyway decided to dig it out for Easter prime rib and I like the others could not find my book-I know it is here some ware, but found your website and now will try this myself-Thanks so much and have a great Easter

  141. Lari says:

    I too am so glad this site exists… I lost my Farberware in a move and for the life of me cannot remember the model. I too received mine in the 1970’s. It came with skewers and the rotisserie attachment. I remember my Dad saying it had a more powerful motor than his. My very kind friends did there best to find a nice broiler, rotisserie machine, but nothing can beat the real thing. So my question is – does anyone have any idea which model might fit that description?

    • usabaker says:

      The one you are looking for is Model #455A hope this helps

    • Pat Wilson says:

      usabaker gave you spot on information Model #455A is the one you are looking for. Try E-bay when you start your search. Lots of choices to be had. Just be careful since that old adage applies, “if it looks to good to be true…it probably is”. There are many very honest sellers…just ask the right questions and if you buy the item your questions and their answers will help you if you need to make a return. Use Pay-Pal and if they lied about the description Pay-Pal will make sure you are taken care of. I have purchased several through E-bay for relatives and friends as presents for all occasions so there are some very nice…NEVER USED…#455A’s to be found BUT even a very clean used one works…they live forever!!!(well almost! Good luck, Pat (k9hanlr)

      • robert says:

        On a side note…. I have bought a few Motors for these and end up overhauling them because of the Grease is harden. I have since started buying a Universal Stainless Motor with a back plate, Drill two holes ( one for Spit and one for Stainless Steel Screw and Nut from HD) This worked out amazing. More power and real cheap………..$14.00 amazon.

  142. Laura Kester says:

    Thank you so much!!

  143. Conchi says:

    Usabaker, thank you so much for taking all the time and energy to get these manuals and sharing them with us. I recently got my mother’s Farberware rotisserie from my sister (who didn’t know how to use it and had been holding on to it for years). Neither one of us did. When I plugged it in, it wasn’t even turning. I dismantled it, lubed it, and hooray, it’s turning now. But, I still didn’t have much of a clue as how to cook with it. These manuals are going to make it possible for me to try it out for the first time ever. Yay!!!! I’m very excited, as I’m sure my mother would be, if she knew. Thank you, once again. Don’t let these other charging folks get to you. I think it’s so open of you to share with us. Conchi

  144. Mrs. Dean says:

    usabaker, you’re awesome. Thank you for taking the time to provide these Farberware rotisserie manuals free of charge. My dad passed away 5 years ago, and the rotisserie has just been sitting at home unused. Asked Mom if I could have it, and she said, “sure”. My guess is dad had the manual squirrelled away somewhere (he never threw anything away), but darned if we could find it. My husband also grew up in a family that had a Farberware rotisserie. So we’re really looking forward to firing up the old girl, taking her for a spin, and enjoying the great meat and good memories.

    • usabaker says:

      Glad they helped! have fun and enjoy!

    • H. Moore says:

      Hello, Mrs. Dean. My father passed away many years ago and gave this to me before he passed. I use this rotisserie every year as a kind of tribute to him and I always remember him fondly when I pull it out and start cooking! I hope you and your husband also enjoy it like that.

  145. H. Moore says:

    Hello. I love my open hearth rotisserie that my father gave to me 25 years ago. I DID pay about $10 for the manual (some years ago). But since I found this forum, I want to know if anyone has ever used the broiler part to cook a butterflied turkey, approx. 14 pounds.

    • Sue Ann says:

      The biggest bird I ever cooked on mine thus far has been a five pound chicken, and it took what seemed like hours. I think perhaps I would not do that with the turkey, UNLESS you have a lot of time. If you do, it should taste amazing, though.

      • Pat Wilson says:

        I have cooked a 22 pound turkey on my rotisserie @ 20 minutes per pound, Made the house smell wonderful and the turkey was moist and tender, took 7 and a half hours. Put the bird on around 8 am and was ready to eat by about 3 pm. Once it is on you can forget it and get the rest of your dinner ready. Just remember 20 min per pound and that includes full size chickens. Just make sure you have it set so the bird is very close to the element but not touching the element. If the breast is very large you may need to tent the breast end with aluminum foil so the heat stays and reflects back to the breast….don’t close the end of the aluminum foil …just tent and leave the end open. The more you cook on the rotisserie the sooner you will become master of the thing……There is one big problem…once you have cooked a turkey for everyone…you will become the unofficial/official cook…forever!!!! Because it turns out so good….just make everyone believe it took a toll on you “it was hard work” heheheh…only you will know how easy it was.

      • Richie Allen says:

        I have cooked many a chicken and up to a 13 pound turkey. I follow the directions of the rotisserie timings per pound in the manual, it’s always worked great. Check with an accurate thermometer during the last hour. Caveat: hang the bird as close to the heating element as you can get it without touching. Even an extra inch will cause a large increase in cooking times.

  146. H. Moore says:

    And thank you, usabaker for putting these manuals together!

  147. millerocce says:

    Does anyone know of a website that lists the different models of the Farberware rotisseries as well as dimensions and dates of manufacture? Thanks!

  148. Mr. Erickson says:

    Thank you for posting these manuals. I am 40 years old now and I remember my grandfather using his Farberware Open Hearth during the holidays back in the 1980s. I have always had a bit of an obsession with these ever since and I found myself a new-in-the-box one on Ebay a while back. If I see one that’s a good deal I’ll buy it and either keep it or gift it out. I have 4 right now in the garage. I think they’re especially neat because of how they’re made and they represent a time when things were actually made with pride right here in the U.S.A. I haven’t been able to find a website that has a comprehensive description of the various models, but here is what I have gathered about the different models and the manufacturer:

    – Introduced in 1962 by S.W. Farber Inc. (founded in 1897 in Manhattan’s Lower East Side)
    – In the 1944 the family-operated company moved its manufacturing to the Bronx in NYC
    – The company made small arms during WWII; it started making more appliances after the war
    – 1966 Farberware was acquired by the Walter Kidde & Co.
    – The Farberware company also had a manufacturing plant in Israel in 1970s
    – 1987 Walter Kidde & Co sold Farberware to British conglomerate Hanson PLC
    – 1995 Hanson spun off Farberware and other U.S. subsidiaries, forming U.S. Industries Inc.
    – 1996 Syratech purchased Farberware and subsequently closed the Bronx manufacturing facility
    – 1996 Lifetime Brands acquired a 200-year, royalty-free, exclusive right to the Farberware name

    Production of the Farberware Open Hearth ran from 1962 to perhaps the early-mid 1990s (?)
    Various models were produced over the years under the different owners. When was your Open Hearth made? Check the area where element plugs into the cord, it’ll either say S.W. Farber (1966 and older), Kidde (1966-1987), Hanson (1987-1995), etc. Here’s my best understanding of the models:

    440 Series: 441/ 445 — This is the compact model.

    450 Series: These are the full-size models.

    450/ 450A/454/454A — Basically these are the oldest versions and they are best identified by the ‘hook’ style rotisserie bracket that was eventually replaced by the ‘vertical’ style (see 455N). These older models almost always have the older style motor which is big and had a metal body. The earliest motors also had an electrical outlet on the motor itself. These motors will only work with the older hook-style brackets. The drip pan had the black, red and white font. These are all made in the U.S.A.

    455N — This model reflects some changes including new ‘vertical’ rotisserie brackets. The earlier 455Ns have the same big motor as the predecessor models but with a plastic cover and the later models have a smaller motor. The motor also has an appendage on the back allowing it to hang on the new style brackets. These motors can also be used with the older 440/441/445/450/454/454A models since they have holes for the ‘hook’ brackets. This is the model I have, and my best guess is that it was probably made in 1983-1984. You may also run into a 455N that has a different heating element whereby the stainless body actually has a square cut into it and the heating element’s prongs are encased in their own stainless body. I don’t see many of these models, but they will always have ‘Hanson Industries’ stamped on them. I am not sure why they made these unique models or when (I wish I did know more) but they are still 455Ns. The 455Ns had the drip pan with the black, white and red font but some of the very late 455Ns have the newer drip tray with the black and white font. All the 455Ns were made in the U.S.A. in their NY factory until their U.S. manufacturing was shut down and shipped to Japan.

    455ND — This is the last model produced and newest available. Production was probably very late 80s early 90s, about the time outsourcing of U.S. manufacturing began (globalization). Consequently, this model was made in Japan. The motor is more rounded than rectangular and was usually made in China or Hong Kong. The drip tray always has the newer black and white font. For whatever reason, the 455NDs do not seem to be as valuable on Ebay and take longer to sell and when they do sell they sell for less. Most likely because they are made in Japan, but operationally they are the same and have the most modern electrical cords, etc.

    Accessories: There is a shish-kebab accessory, a hot dog/ sausage accessory, and a meat cage. These are all I have come across.

    Maintenance: There are basically 3 components of these things that can break. The motor, the cord, and the heating element. The heating elements, at least for now, can be found on Ebay. I am not sure if the heating elements ever actually wear out if they are taken care of (i.e., kept dry). The cords can be had on Ebay (new Chinese stuff and old vintage cords). The original motors should have the old grease swapped out with new fresh grease. All you need to do is remove the cover and carefully remove the grease and apply the new grease. Everyone has a grease preference, but I personally prefer to use Food Grade H1 approved grease. If you notice the meat spit actually extends into the motor casing so there is a small chance it could come into contact with the grease. Just to play it safe I use food grade grease. In the past I’ve just used Kitchen Aid mixer grease, which is Benalene 930-2. Benalene 930-2 is an old fashioned grease and now I use Super Lube multi-purpose synthetic grease, which is Food Grade, rated H-1 by the USDA and NSF for incidental food contact. It is an excellent Dielectric and operates over a temperature range from -45° to 450° F. You can find both of these greases on Amazon.

    • Mr. Erickson says:

      I did additional research regarding that model I referenced above that has the heating element prongs encased in a stainless steel body and body pan with the rectangular cut-out. Well it’s the Farberware Millennium FSR200 model. This model appears to have been made in Israel and some must have made their over to the U.S. It also appears to have been made more recently, around the year 2000, making this model the newest available. Maybe that’s why they called it the ‘Millennium’ model. Operationally, it’s exactly the same as a 455N the only difference being the drip pan has a slightly different ‘Farberware’ logo and the heating element attaches differently as noted. The motor is the same as the 455N motor except there’s no Farberware sticker on the back of the motor. Instead the specs and Farberware label are molded into the plastic motor housing itself. This motor is made in China. I also located the manual for this model. I will provide it for upload.

    • Tammy says:

      I came across a web site that sell the fiberware motors, heating elements, etc here it is
      https://farberwaremotors.com/products I hope this is helpful to everyone! And Thank You to everyone that has posted and a special Thanks to USABAKER for this site & starting your free manuals and recipe books very very appreciated!

  149. Mr. Erickson says:

    I should also add that sometimes you will see ‘455A’. This is kind of like a 455N, but it has the older style hook brackets. All of the ‘N’ models have the newer vertical brackets.

  150. robert says:

    Id like to note on the motors that have the rod and little pin I have found that some Stainless Steel Replacement motors will work. I just go to HD and get a 1/4×20 SS bolt and drill it. Works great, $16.00 instead of $35 to $50 on Ebay

  151. Tommy Georgiopoulos says:

    I was cleaning out my grandparents garage and found the Farberwear #455C in the attic. Brand new never been used what is it actually worth. Can you please help me?

    • usabaker says:

      Tommy, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 455C if you could send a picture I would appreciate it. As to selling it if it’s new unused you can fetch anywhere between $50.00 to $150.00 you will see people attempting to sell them for more but these are the dreamers. Used you can find them at 2nd hand stores between $8.00 and $30.00

      • Jack Healy says:

        Hi USABAKER,

        I have a 455N, in original box, never used…not even one! However, NO MANUAL! Thank you for being so generous with sharing yours!
        I hope you are still around and get this message with my heartfelt thanks!

        Best Regards,
        Jack Healy

      • usabaker says:

        You are welcome.

  152. Mr. Erickson says:

    There also appears to be models FSR100, R4400, and R4550. I don’t know much about these models but they appear to have a plastic base (instead of metal). Slightly different design. Sometimes you see them on Ebay. They have the heating element with prongs encased in a stainless body (compatible with FSR200 and some 455Ns). The model name stamped is stamped on the heating element’s base (e.g., R4550).

  153. Susan says:

    Thank you so much for taking time and putting effort into helping others! Too many are sellers of anything they can get their hands on for the almighty dollar! I greatly appreciate those of you who would list instruction booklets here free for others!!
    I’m trying to find out the difference between the various Farberware Rotisserie models. Does anyone know how I can find this information?
    Thanks so very much!!

    • Susan says:

      Please disregard my above post other than the “thanks”. The listings with the info I needed did not show up until I had posted my question.

  154. Just picked up Model 441 at a nearly new shop for $10. Looked like might have been used very little. I had just given away a huge gas grill and needed a small replacement. What a great find is this blog. Thanks, and especially for free! I have bought manuals before from e-bay when it was the only source but barely use it now. I look forward to reading a lot more of the information here.

    I am wondering about the 2-wire plug and it looks like the oldest style–like 1962-1966. It appears to be in good shape. Do you know of any issues with these old cords? Has anyone rewired one or rewired the plug to the heating element? Thanks in advance for any help.

    • Julian says:

      Hi. I have an early model too and the cords are fine. In the sixties manufacturers were still building things to last. The only important thing (for any kind of power cord) to remember is NEVER yank a cord out of the socket. Always grab it by the plug. Otherwise over time, you risk having wire strands break. That’s why cheap headphones/earbuds quit working.

  155. Found this on Amazon, FYI Power cord, 6′, 1-1/16′ spacing, fits roaster ovens.

  156. Dan Buchalter says:

    I inherited one of these about 34 years ago when my father died. My wife and I used it many times, especially to do the rotisserie cooking of lamb. We found we weren’t eating as much meat as we used to, so we gave it all away (including the shish kebab accessory). For various reasons we are eating more meat these days (grass fed beef etc.) than we used to, and a week ago at an estate sale I picked one up, including a home made wooden case the prior owner had made for it. Our kitchen is however so overloaded with stuff that my wife said there was no place for it. Before deciding what to do with it (I’ve been selling on ebay for nearly 20 years now) I thought I’d check it out. It appears complete and working, but it kept tripping the power strip I had it plugged into. (After I started this post I plugged it directly into a GFCI protected outlet and it ran for 20 minutes including the heating element and the rotisserie motor without a problem at all.) I went online and could not find any manuals etc. on the Farberware site, and after digging some more I found your site. Thank you for providing this information! Unfortunately I was unable to find anything that looked like it would say how many amps this thing would draw; was not in the manual I downloaded. So if you know where I could find that info that would be great. Meanwhile I’d like to upload something I don’t see here yet: A 2 sided black and white ‘assembly instructions’ sheet. One side is similar to a one sided item you already have. How would I go about uploading the .pdf scans I’ve made of the front and back of this?

    • usabaker says:

      Hi Dan, Sorry.. I don’t know what the operating amps are and don’t have the tools to mesure them 😦 If you send the scans to me via email at usabaker@yahoo.com I will upload it for the community. Thank you for adding to the collection 🙂 .

    • Mr. Erickson says:

      You can determine how many watts your Farberware electric hearth draws by looking at the heating element. It should have the wattage stamped on it if I remember correctly (e.g., 1500, 1600, etc.). The motor uses very little power. To calculate how many amps an appliance uses, divide its wattage by the volts supplied at your outlet. For example, if you have an appliance that draws 1600 watts and you plug it into a standard household 110v-120v outlet, it’ll draw about 13.3 to 14.5 amps at that outlet. Most standard household outlets are 110v-120v (voltage current fluctuates within that range). Most household circuits are 15 amps, so if you plug in anything drawing above 15 amps it’ll trip the circuit breaker (hopefully, otherwise your house might burn down). In newer homes, they put 20 amp circuits in more places now — like the kitchen. My house is old so it still has 15 amp circuits in the kitchen. (Of course you have some specialized circuits, like 220v for a dryer, oven, etc., provided they are electric). You’ll notice in some of the Farberware manuals that it says to not plug anything else into the same circuit as your Farberware electric hearth because it’s already pulling near the 15amp limit of most household circuits. Hope this helps a bit.

  157. Gerry says:

    I just left a charity resale store with a pristine $30.00 Farberware Open Hearth # 450 with all the parts but no instruction manual. Thank you so much for posting the manuals to download. My folks had one like this in the 1960’s or ’70’s. Can’t wait to try it out.

  158. Phil R says:

    Mr. Erickson, first I want to thank you for posting these manuals. I have owned the Farberware rotisserie for many years. It belonged to my parents. I had it in a box for quite a few years unused. Three days ago I got it out, but could not locate the manual. Today I roasted a prime rib with the help of the manuals I downloaded from your site. The cooking chart was spot-on; the prime rib came out perfectly cooked. Thank you again.
    Phil R.

  159. Phil R says:

    Sorry about that Bill ,I thank you . Phil R.

  160. Z. McAllister says:

    Thank you so much for posting the manuals! I was given one as a gift from my Mom in the 70’s and unfortunately left it in a house I sold; then my BF found one at a swap meet for me after I had told her the story of leaving it behind. I love it!

  161. Betty B says:

    Thank you! I will share your site with other family members who love the Farberware Open Hearth Rotisserie. We just got the Shish Kebab Accessory on Ebay and found the manual on your site. IMHO there is still not a new product available which is can replace the Farberware unit. It is affordable, cooks well and is sooooooo easy to clean. Between you and Ebay, we can keep our units going!

  162. Julian says:

    I’ve got one of the old ones with the power outlet on it. It still works fine but I don’t use it that often. I got it in a thrift store for around $20, got another one I figured for parts and also got a shish-kabob rig, which I also haven’t tried yet. So, after around sixty years it still runs fine. I was amazed to see these for sale on Amazon for as much as $482!!

  163. MARY ANN ROTH says:


  164. Pingback: Christmas Eve 1969 and Farberware | Schoonover Farm Blog

  165. Donna says:

    Hello. Your site has been invaluable for me using the Farberware grill I inherited from my grandparents. I recently found a photo of me Christmas Eve 1969 with its box. I posted the photo and others of my Farberware in action at https://schoonoverfarm.wordpress.com/2019/12/04/christmas-eve-1969-and-farberware/. I thought you might enjoy it.

  166. Amy says:

    Thank you so much !!! I have had one , but husband thought it would be great to use the parts to fix a smoker … so I threw the rest away. Recently found a beautiful one at a thrift store , but no instructions!!! Thanks again , you made my night , and tomorrow while I’m socked in my house due to an expected storm I can use my new machine

  167. William D Woodward MD says:

    Hi, thanks for posting your menu/instructions. My wife and I got one of these rotiseries and used it a lot. We love marinating pieces of cut up chuck arm roast and grilling it. We originally lived in an apartment in Chicago. When we bought a house we, somehow stopped using it. Uncovered it in basement storage and starting to use it again. It works like it was brand new. I was trying to remember how high and how long a whole chicken on the spit would be. Instructions say to put chicken in position as close to element as possible without touching. Describe 1.5 to 2.0 hours. Thanks for helping out me and other die hards. I’ve still got a grill and fry pan too. Farberware made great products.

  168. Dawn says:

    I have a 1976 Faberware are broiler & rotisserie that was was a wedding gift to my parents about 30+ hrs ago, and it’s NEVER BEEN USED. I really don’t see myself using it, so I am willing to sell. If a serious buyer would like to have it.

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