Reserve Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Two ( RNMCB-2 )

U.S. Navy Seabees RNMCB-2 1978 though 1983: This is a re-write of the Blog entry that I wrote in 2010, after looking back and reading some of the things I wrote I may have been slightly harsh; maybe when I wrote it I was still angry at the crap one particular EO Chief Petty Officer pulled; maybe it was just the fact our personalities clashed, I don’t know what it was really anymore that cause us to be at wits with each other. I’ve decided (after some 31 years LOL) to just let it go and hence this rewrite. I miss the guys of RNMCB-2, even the jerks and wish I could locate them. I have tried but it seems like the “reserves” are the forgotten units in the SEABEES as well as my mind has lost most of the names leaving only pictures of faces.

After coming home from my active duty period with the 20th NCR in Gulfport, Mississippi, I had orders to report to my reserve component Reserve Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Two (RNMCB-2) on Treasure Island California. I can assure you there was no better treasure on that island that some of the guys I worked with, memories and stories that were created in the 4 short years I served there to this day make still make me and those I tell them too laugh. That’s not to say that there weren’t those drill weekends that were FUBAR or that there weren’t total jerks in the battalion, I’m just sayin’ even those for the most part are memories I shall cherish for as long as I’m blessed to be on this earth.

My first day reporting to RNMCB TWO would prove to be an interesting. There is nothing like getting pissed off at a guy in your ‘new’ company the same day you report. The person to get my panties in a twist would be CM1 Ringer; Ringer would end up being one of three mentors I would have and among the men I most respected in the entire battalion.

After checking in at the HQ in Hanger 1 I was told to proceed to the battalion compound located in the north east corner of the base at 13th and Avenue N. The building was a large rectangular structure built of concrete with a flat roof that was tarred and graveled. It was painted beige, almost khaki a color typical of naval buildings of the times and if I had to guess was built sometime in the 40’s during World War II.

At the left of the building stood a flag staff and just to its right a large sign on which the battalion logo was panted or possibly engraved, I can’t remember anymore. I remember looking over at after parking my car in the lot across the street while walking toward wooden stairs at the front right of the building that lead to the battalion quarter deck the day I reported for duty.

From the quarter deck the Master at Arms directed me to check in with Chief Petty Officer (CPO) Rose who was at the time in the maintenance shop which would be my home for the next 4 years. The maintenance shop was large steel building located in the yard on the east side of the compound, a large blacktop area where the battalions equipment was parked separated the maintenance shop from the main building.

As I approached the maintenance building the strong odor of automotive paint engulfed my senses. Entering though the large roll up door I was met with a cloud of olive drab paint that was being emitted from a paint gun wielded by a Construction Mechanic Frist Class (CM1) and his assistant standing in the bed of a M35 Deuce and a Half. I making my way to the maintenance office at the rear of the shop and about midpoint of the M35’s bed, I heard the hiss of the paint gun and the sticky wet application of paint to the back of my exposed head and neck. It must have been a sight to see my face and the anger that crossed it as I turned and shouted “what the fuck, man!” only to be greeted by the CM1 standing with spray gun in hand laughing and then ignored as he and his assistant went back to work.

I can still remember the wet stickiness of the paint and the joy of removing it from my hair, yet even today there is nothing better than the smell of Olive Drab enamel cut with lacquer thinner being sprayed on to a piece of Government equipment, so much for introductions.

Being a Construction Mechanic (CM) I was assigned to Alpha Company and as I said spent most of my life in the SEABEE reserves in the maintenance shop, venturing from only on those occasions when I needed something from one of the offices of the clerks, Chief Rose, the LT, to get tires out of the supply room where they were stored or the RARE mount out exercise where I would help pack and carry out items need for the deployment.

Although this isolation form the other companies in the main building, perhaps self-imposed, was true for most of us in Alpha company, it was not the case for CM I worked with. Can’t remember his name now because I always called him by the name Sleepy. He was called sleepy because that’s all he pretty much used to do on our drill weekend. Once time I found him sleeping in one of the new tires we had for the MRS, another I found him socked away near the greaser only because when I cranked up the thing to grease a truck the noise woke him up can he came stumblin’ around from behind it; to his credit I did help me change oil and grease up the truck I was working on. On one drill weekend he’d been gone most of the morning and when I saw him and ask where the heck he’s been he told me that he had rolled himself up in the carpet that was (rolled up) in Chief Rose’s office. But the funniest was on a Sunday when we were getting ready to close up, I looked every were I knew this guy would sleep and couldn’t find him any place. Well one of the things we did just before formation was to raise the beds on the dump trucks so they didn’t collect water over the month the compound would be closed up. Well I was raising the bed on one and heard a yell and saw Sleepy come bouncing out of the back. Yep, that Sleepy one interesting guy, on one of our M16 qualification shoots at Mare Island; sleepy decided that he wanted to keep one of the (empty) magazines. Well the Gunny didn’t like the fact that one of his magazines was missing, but that’s another story.

Then there was Petty Office Reese; this guy was a character. After muster most if not all of ‘A’ company would meet in the CM office at the back of the maintenance shop, now this office was not much larger then perhaps 12’ x 20’ and would be packed after muster if not to get your daily assignment then to get that black liquid gold every sailor needs out of the coffee pot in the morning. Now Reese was quite regular and made it a habit of waking in the middle of the group and announcing his large presence by expelling a long, loud and, gaseous trumpet call from his anus that had the tendency to expand infinitely which caused grown men to groan as there was no fast escape. One drill weekend morning, Reese proceeded to once again awe us with a command performance of his gaseous call to duty trumpet blow but on this occasion and unexpected to him, his blow to duty was somewhat subdued because of the brown liquid that burst forth slowly engulfing his leg and making wet his nicely starched sateen trousers as it ran down his leg. Needless to say it was a long while before Reese ever provided this level of entertainment again. Reese was also the scavenger of the company colleting spent shells casings while are the range, various trinkets, and once even a circa 1940s mutli-fuel engine that was never used; but that’s another story.

Chief Rose was a salty dog and one of the best mechanics I have ever had the pleasure of working under, a true artist in the world of mechanical things. Because of him my skill’s in massaging the power out of anything with a motor and (or even a hull) were to have expanded tenfold, things and skills today I pass down to others I have taught. Sad to say in today’s world of electronic control I fear his lessens and techniques, that can’t be learned from books may very well disappear.

Rose was not only a master mechanic but was also a master of disguise. MARINE CORPS BASE CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. “Ooh-rah!” Camp Del Rio. It was common for we bees to have coolers at the foot of our racks that contained cans and bottles of a golden substance commonly known as beer. Well on one of these evenings after drinking a few of the delicious brews Rose, added by and Marine Corps enlisted man, decided to cut out some stars from cardboard, color each black with a marker and affixing two stars to each collars.

Major General Rose and his ‘aid’ clipboard in hand; proceeded by jeep to the nearest Marine Corps barracks. Upon entering the barracks ATTENTION ON DECK! Was commanded and all the good Marines stood at attention next to their racks. Rose proceeded to inspect and raze these young marines even ‘requesting’ push-ups from a few while in aid seemingly took notes.

On return to the ‘A’ company (SEABEE) barracks, stars removed, Chief Rose cracked a brew and relayed his adventure to us. We were quite amused, the next day however the Marine Corps was not and we heard that they were looking for this impersonator.

The same ACTDURTA there was CM3, he and I use to spend allot of time together so the fact I can’t remember his name bothers me. Well, this CM3 was assigned watch duty one Friday night, his orders were to guard the fenced in parking lot where the battalion’s personal vehicles were stored. He questioned the reason anyone would have to guard the parking lot when we were miles from the main base, there was no one around except us bees and we were after all on a Marine Corps base that has guards at the front gate. I silently agreed with him, not wanting to enter the debate for fear that I too would be sent out.

So as he waited for the watch hour to come we had a few drinks and at the magical hour the CM3, dressed in his boots, un-bloused sateen trousers, and his white t-shirt he stood up from our group walked to this rack and put on his civilian black leather motorcycle jacket with a bottle of hard liquor in his hand proceeded out the door to his duty station. No one bothered to tell him or the young Marine in this story who by the way was armed, locked, and, loaded that there would be someone else guarding the parking lot.

Leaning against one of the cars, hard liquor in hand he heard movement and jokingly shouted “Who Goes There!” thinking it was one of us coming to shoot the shit with him. He was met with very startled and jumpy Marine who cycled his shotgun and ordered him at the top of his lungs to the ground. The next thing he knew he was taken to the Marine Corp’s guard station where he spent the night in a lovely barred 8’x 5’ cell until one of the Chief’s came to rescue him then next day. Seems the Marines had a hard time believing that he was on guard duty due to his attire and bottle of booze.

True to the SEABEES he was not charged for any of his indiscretions; to his relief and our amusement.

As much as I would love to continue writing about the happenings while with RNMCB-2 I must end for now as the magical how of bed time is upon me and it is far more comforting to fall asleep on a pillow then to fall asleep and face plant into a keyboard.

– Construimus, Batuimus

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61 Responses to Reserve Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Two ( RNMCB-2 )

  1. Scott Eskers says:

    I was inRMCB2 also, Charlie Co. (1985-1989) before moving back to seattle (RNMCB18). I to miss the guys. Once a SeaBee always a SeaBee!!!!

    • usabaker says:

      Hey Scott! I was in Alpha Co. I have some pictures of 2 but most just before your time there, I left in 1984. You wouldn’t happen to have a picture of 2 logo would you? Great meeting a fellow bee…hoorah..

  2. b980880 says:

    hi I was in RMCB-2 1967-1975 u are right we are a forgot breed. Its even hard to find and records on this unit

    • Gaspar Chacon says:

      I was in RMCB2 from 1964 to 1973. I was in A company and I don’t remember my Chiefs Name. I think one of our Officers name was Mr Rodda. We had our ACDUTRA in Gulfport and at Camp Pendleton. Being a Seabee has been one of my proudest accomplishments. If you can find a RMCB 2 bumper sticker or patch, please let me know.

      • Charles Kolb (SKC) says:

        I only have the round CB2 sticker decals. White backround, not the traditional background from our marquee out front of the HQ at TI. Contact at with your mailing and I”ll send you one or two. Only have a few left. Everything else was shipped to the Museum at Port Hueneme when we shut down.

  3. b980880 says:

    I was in Bravo Company before your time I was in from 1967-1975 i am looking for a patch for rmcb-2 or sticker

    • usabaker says:

      I wish I had a patch. I can’t even remember was our patch looked like. I was hoping I could find a drawing or picture of it so I could have a patch made. Let me know if you find anything. Bill

      • Charles Kolb (SKC) says:

        I might still have something on CB2. I was with them up to decomishing. Moved on to 17 but stayed in Stockton. Transfered to NSWU1 out of Stockton.

      • Hello Seabees,my name is Montie LeStrange. I served with RMCB 2 from 69-72. BU 3. We drilled at the trainong center on Clement St. In Alameda.I was on active duty 70-71. Had a great time with grest guys like; Chief Halverson, petty officers pape, Shutz and Terry Moore. And many more.i enjoy this site.

  4. Gaspar Chacon says:

    I was in RMCB 2 from 1964-1973. I was in Alpha Company as a Heavy Equipment Operator. Chief Waseca that USABAKER mentions was an E-5 at the time. I found him to be the opposite though. He was an excellant heavy equipment operator and he forgot more about construction than I will ever know. He was always known be there for anyone that needed help. He was a by the book PO though. I am proud to have been a Seabee and I will always be one. If you find a patch for sticker, please let me know

  5. Charles Kolb (SKC) says:

    I happen to have a company listing with phone numbers up until our decom in 93. Many of the team mates were still there based upon some of these comments. Contact me via email: if you have any particular requests. I might have a stickup patch or two in my stowage boxes in the garage.
    I retired from the reserves serving my final unit with SEAL TEAM ONE out of Stockton. I now live in Idaho.

  6. Charles Kolb (SKC) says:

    If I look around in my memorablily files I might be able to locate an old almanac we did for one of our Wooden Fist ops at Port Hueneme. Some of you might remember that, we were extremely rained out of our campsite which now is the new golf course on base. If I find it, I’ll send some pics to those that might be interested.

  7. Gaspar P. Chacon says:

    I remember a couple of guys from B Company. One was Chief Baker and the other was Chief Blassingame. I still have have the books with our pictures from ACDUTRA in Gulfport, I also seem to remember a Chief Rushane. Very funny guy. I was assigned to the San Jose, Calif Div.

  8. Gary says:

    I was a member of rnmcb-2 from 75-79, drilled at Stockton until they transferred our detachment to Sacramento. Did acdutra at Hueneme, Pendalton and Warner Springs.

  9. Gary says:

    i just found this website:
    There is a picture of the command patch there.

  10. Andy says:

    I was in 2 from 1984 -87.I was LPO of Alfa co. with Chief Waseca.Not a bad guy.Good chief.At the time,the ranks and the Officers were mostly Govt.Sand crabs.They got 6 paid weeks of military training..some made Chief at just over 8(!)The swine.Most of them were cowards that went to the Officers over any slight,real or imagined.I got out in 87,just over 12.Didn’t wnt to be another E6 over 20.Also,twenty stumps was the only deployment offered in the last 3 years.Did do a team to Adak nas in 85.That was a hoot.When the mother Navy banned beards in 86,I got a chit for mine,and was promptly booted to the 4th squad.Oh well.

    • I remember Chief Waseca …… I just found this site today 20160602 …. “Things” are coming back slowly….. Semper fi …..

      • R.Mike Jacobson says:

        I just found this site too. This ain’t the same Gunney Hall we convoyed to Camp Roberts, CA is it?
        Former EO1 Jacobson
        Now EQCM Jacobson (RET)

      • Mike……. You got it…… The one and only…… Semper fidelis –

      • R. Mike "Jake" Jacobson says:

        What a trip. I still remember conducting “military operations” with chalk and markers!

      • usabaker says:

        HA! I still remember the LT making us ‘pretend’ we were war playing using sticks as rifles at Camp Del Rio on Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton while the Marines laughed their asses off at us. Or then the Bravo Company Chief thought it would be a great idea to do marching drills in the equipment parking area of the RNMCB TWO compound on TI for not other reason then he thought it would be cool to have us march like boots.

  11. William Walsh says:

    Served at TI from 1980 to 1985, Det. 0302 , Bravo Co. Cheif Larry Scott. Our Marine Gunney Sgt was a great guy. Nothing but good memories. SWCN Walsh

  12. b980880 says:

    The logo tthat is at the museum is for the active duty battalion during ww@ and Korea. The RNMCB-2 logo was a seabee riding a missile with the Golden Gate bridge in background. I know because it is on 2 letter one from CDR Stoutamore USNR-R and one from XO D. W. Moore XO These were from cruise book for active duty for training at Gulport Mississippi 1972

  13. Rich A. says:

    Here’s a google book review of nmcb2’s yearbook, maybe about 1956.
    “Cubi Point Philippine Islands: Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 2
    By Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 2” [ ]
    I was in MCB3 1964-65.

  14. Joe says:

    I was in MCB-2 Alameda from 1963-1969 as a builder/EO. I really enjoyed the group of guys that I served with. For the most part, they were all good people. Had a lot of fun, learned a lot, accomplished a lot. Being in the battalion set me on the path for a good life. I am retired now in Nevada. Take care, everyone.

  15. Outstanding to see so many folks remember the way things were. You would not believe how sad the old stomping grounds look. Many changes and sad to say, not for the good. A building repair company now has the building. What? and the building looks like sh**. Don’t figure. Since the City of S.F. took over the Island, things went down the tubes. Still no food stores or gas station on the Island, so they are forced to leave the Island to get anything. 85% of the housing was turned into low income homes. Your lucky if you see a police patrol even though there is a sub-office there. The old enlisted quarters are still ‘EMPTY’.. What a waste of good buildings. Some of you will remember me. I was the Admin TAR that came from the Alamada Air Side of the house. (VAK-308). I left just before the Earth Quake that brought down the Nimitz Freeway..

  16. Albert says:

    Hello Fellow Seabees, I was with MCB-2 (Treasure Island, Bldg. 62) from May 1981 to February 1992. I was in Alpha Co, certainly considered the backbone of the battalion. However, I drilled out of Det. 0602 (Chief Bales…RIP) San Jose for a while and then started drilling at Det. 0302, TI. For those who may remember me, I did work with CM3 Preston in the tire shop and then took CM2 English’s place as ‘repair parts clerk’. I do remember Chief Waseka and Chief Rose, and of course Chief Scott. I was his radioman (PRC-77) at MCAGCC, Camp Wilson, Twenty-nine Palms, CA. I do believe there are about a dozen former Seabees from MCB-2 still living in the SF bay Area.

    • usabaker says:

      Good to see you here Albert! I remember CM2 English, even have a picture of him a CM3 Ringer kicking around somewhere, I’ll put it up if I can find it. I left TWO in 83′ had allot of good buddies in TWO, oddly enough it’s the active duty guys that seem to keep in touch more. I’m down in San Diego now as a contractor for the US Navy doing IT work but have yet to run in to anyone that was in TWO. I’m a member of the CEC/SEABEE Historical Foundation as get down to Port Hueneme a few time a year, next time I’m there I dig thought the archives and see if I can find some rosters an maybe dig some folks up.

      • Chuck Kolb says:

        Most of the info about CB2 at Port Hueneme is what I personally gave them when we closed up shop back in 93. Anything else they have may have been obtained from other members. I do have a listing of many of the guys with addresses but I must keep it confidential due to recent government regulations regarding disclosure. Let me know with whom anyone might want contact and I might be able to act as a go-between. That’s about the only legal way I can see around this issue.

        Chuck Kolb, SKC, rtd.



      • Joe says:

        Hi MCB2. I have posted before. I was the Delta company guideon and squad leader. I used to keep in touch with several of the guys but have lost contact over the years. Would like to reconnect. Everyone take care.

    • Aaron wiebe says:

      I was in RNMCB2, Alpha Co Det 0302 from 1990-93 EOCN Wiebe looking for my lost Battalion Bros, any help would be appreciated

      • pwbtbb101009 says:

        I joined RNMCB 2, Det 0402 Sacramento as a CM3. I served in Alpha Company from 83 – 92. Made CM1 in 01/1990 while spending 2 weeks in Rota, Spain. After decommission in 92, the Sacramento Det joined RNMCB 18 out of Seattle, WA. I was recruited to RNCR 1 out of Los Alamitos, CA, until I retired in 98. I had a great time while in the battalion and have lots of memories. The guys I spent most of my time with: CM2 Walker and CMC Gardner; there are others, but don’t remember there names.

      • pwbtbb101009 says:

        This is Perry Beard. I posted my information under your post as pwbtbb101009.

  17. Ray Soler says:

    I was a CE2, with RMCB2, from about 71 to 74. Drilled at San Jose, and helped build the compound on TI, when we took it over. Great bunch of people. I remember Chief Baker! Left in 74, when the new CO threatened me with 45 days AD, for being wise
    ass! My enlistment was up, anyway. Joined the Coast Guard Reserve, did another 20, there, and never looked back…….

  18. Perry W Beard says:

    I joined RNMCB 2, Det 0402 Sacramento as a CM3. I served in Alpha Company from 83 – 92. Made CM1 in 01/1990 while spending 2 weeks in Rota, Spain. After decommision in 92, the Sacramento Det joined RNMCB 18 out of Seattle, WA. I was recruited to RNCR 1 out of Los Alamitos, CA, until I retired in 98. I had a great time while in the battalion and have lots of memories. The guys I spent most of my time with: CM2 Walker and CMC Gardner; there are others, but don’t remember there names.

    • michelle haley says:

      Perry, this is Michelle Gardner, Bruce Gardners daughter. Papa found this posting and had me read it and I could not pass up the opportunity to reach out to you and everyone else he served with. Papa and mama are doing well, getting old lol as we all are. I just wanted to send you a short update on them. You can contact me on facebook under Michelle Riberal if you use face book. If not my parents phone number is 209-423-9894. Papa would be overjoyed to hear from any one of you all. He still tells us stories of funny, crazy stuff you all use to do over there. Anyhow, I hope to hear from you and the others as I know my papa also would enjoy speaking to you all. Take care and I hope this message reaches atleast 1 of you.

    • John gardner says:

      Mr. Beard.. Cmc Gardner is my dad. I miss you and Mr walker. Never forget our time at the bowling alley at t.I. you guys inspired me. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve learned from them. I hope you and walker are good.

      • John; I had a great time spending many weekends and our 2 week active duty training in 29 Palms with your Dad (Bruce). I have been in contact with Les Walker, but haven’t seen or talked to him for several years. Once I contact him, I’ll relay the this information to him. Glad you and Michelle found this site. I just stumbled on it searching for any sites for RNMCB2 and the Sacramento Detachment 0402. Take Care.

  19. John Wayne Rogers says:

    It sure was nice to find this site. I was in NMCB 0102 Fresno Ca from 1976-1996. I remember when we would all meet in the little theater and go over our travel claims and other paperwork. Wooden Fist remember it well rain mud rain mud etc. In 1980 I was Seabee of the Deployment at Gulfport MS. Retired July 1996 with the rank of Petty officer 1st class.

  20. michelle haley says:

    My name is Michelle Gardner aka Chief Gardners oldest daughter. I have the most fond memories of good ol’ Treasure Island bldg 62. I remember Perry Beard, Walker, Waseka, Mahalec, Schleeter and many others. My papa, Chief Gardner is alive and doing well. When papa showed me this web site, I urged him to send a message out to let everyone know he and my mom are doing very well. I know I sure miss his service days, packing up to go to T.I for the weekend etc. Papa/ Chief Gardner misses those days too. Anyway, I just could not pass up the opportunity to reach out to my dads fellow reservists. Please send me a friend request on face book under Michelle Riberal. I will accept.

  21. One of my MOST memorable tours in my 31 years ….. meeting some of the MOST memorable characters ….. and missing every one of them ……. Left an indelible mark in my being ….. I wear my pride to be an Honorary “Seabee” with distinction everyday ….. We need a reunion ….. Semper fidelis, Gunny Hall (MGySgt Retired)

    • R.Mike Jacobson says:

      I just found this site (21 Oct 2016) and am now having an overload of old memories. Like a convoy from TI to Camp Roberts and a great ACDUTRA (in spite of Chief Padden). I only made 30 years. Well, I did get a short extension since in order to kick me out when I turned 60 would have meant bringing home from Iraq (2nd tour) early

  22. R.Mike Jacobson says:

    Thanks for a great web site and for the great memories. I was with RNMCB-2 in Det 0202 out of SLC, UT from 1977 until they decommissioned the Bn in ’93. Went to NMCB-17 from there and later assigned to 30th NCR. I got recruited to fill the last year of Master Chief Halsey’s tour as command master chief of NCFSU-2 when he made Warrant Officer and went over to the dark side. Yeah, just in time to get mobilized to Iraq to start that mess in ’03. Came home and went to work with Captain James Honey (former HM2 Honey when we were in RNMCB-2) standing up a new unit, Commander Naval Engineering Forces-Korea (CNEF-K). Finished up my Navy career as Alfa-5 with NMCB-18 and one more tour to Iraq.
    Miss the seabees I have served with over the years (most of them, anyway)
    R. M. “Jake” Jacobson, EQCM (SCW/FMF) Retired

  23. Chris Nelson says:

    Do you remember Chief Robinson (Robbie) from Hangar 2? I was an SW in Bravo Company 82-85.

  24. Bob Gibbs says:

    Glad I happened upon this blog. I was in Det 0602 in San Jose from 79-84. We used to spend most of our drill weekends working in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I distinctly remember Chief Bales but a lot of the other names are very hazy.

  25. Charles Kolb says:

    I do have an old battalion roster with old addresses. I can’t release an actual copy due to some remaining sensitive items on it. As the CPO treasurer, I was entrusted to this listing before the Feds tightened the rules on what we could hold.

    Contact me at Chuck.kolb10@gmail. I’ll see what I can do, legally.

  26. tom germain says:

    I was in RNMCB2 in1978 as a builder my Grandson just joined today as a CM- I am so DAMN PROUD, thank you for your story do you remember what we did at Golden gate park with the windmills??

    • usabaker says:

      Hey Tom, Sure I remember the windmill every now and then when I visit my family it go see it. I remember the accident too. Glad you stopped by!

      • Jeff Terry says:

        Just found this site, was at TI early 70s to 76 did a lot of great public service things the best that I can remember was going into the windmill at gg park the first time before we started the rebuild. Do stop by occasionally.
        Jeff Terry EO3

  27. tom germain says:

    Anybody in RNMCB2 seabees here is my email address popeyetom59@gmail I was at TI from 77 to 83. I was part of the windmills work on Golden gate park..

  28. Jim Hall says:

    Anyone remember Two Weeks (circa 1988) at Camp (Bobby) Roberts when we picked up our borrowed weapons out of the back of a rundown station wagon in front of the Gedunk on base? We had some arsenal borrowed from National Guard in Woodland, CA ….. Worked on the Theater and a couple other “shacks” on base…..

    • usabaker says:

      I was out by then; went Blue to Green in 1983 joined the Army Corps of Engineers.

    • Scott Eskers says:

      I remember, was in Charlie Company. Spent some time in the movie theater a well. I drove one of the water tankers down there from T.I. I remember one of the guys fell asleep on Armory watch, was not a fun night for him.

    • EQCM (SCW/FMF) R. M. "Jake" Jacobson says:

      Yep, That’s one I’ll never forget. I was only an EO1 but when I checked onboard they informed me I would be the AOIC of that 2 week ACDUTRA. Despite being a logistical nightmare it was fun.

  29. Jim Addiego says:

    I just bumped into this site…looks a little old. Don’t if its still functioning. I was in H Co., worked for Ken Gamblin at Bldg. 62. Before that at Clement St. in Alameda and then NAS. I was a YN so I guess I wasn’t a real Seabee, but I was there.

  30. Maggie says:

    Hello my Dad was with the RNMCB-TW0 SUB UNIT (12-13)

    I am working on his VA documents if any one can remember the address or an old phone number that would help me out so much. His name was Cort Martz, he serve 1969-1971(about) he was active duty prior to that.

    Thank you

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