I’m missing my Army son Rich

I got a call from my son yesterday that’s in US Army boot camp right now. The feeling was fantastic!

Coming from a military family and having been military myself I never thought that if one of my children decided to join that I would feel as I do about them being away from me.  It’s a strange thing; I know that while in boot he’s out of harms way and that he’s eating and getting enough rest. But not being able to pick up the phone and call him just drives me nuts! I guess it the fact that I no longer am in control if what I can and can’t do when it comes to my son anymore.

That’s not to say I’ve controlled my kids lives, the opposite is true, four of my kids, including Rich, the one in the Army, have been on their own for years and have been living and building their lives. I guess it’s the not having the ability to call and check on him.

Whatever the case I will deal with it… I’m so proud that my son chose to join the military and serve his country.  Here is the last picture I have of him, he and my daughter Jess.


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1 Response to I’m missing my Army son Rich

  1. James Erickson says:

    Great looking kids! Tell your son thanks from all of us who enjoy the protection he provides for us. Without brave citizens like him, and without great parents like you who raised him :), our country wouldn’t be as great as it is! He’ll be back giving you a hug before you know it!

    Take care,
    J. Erickson
    US Army 199th INF (1989-1991)

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