Headquarters company photographs


 Though the generosity of an gentleman from Georgia, who wishes to remain anonymous, I have been given photographs most of which are of the NCB 59th Headquarters company that he found at a Goodwill store. 


The pictures as shown in this blog are very low resolution versions of the originals, I have loaded some that are a bit higher resolution to the BOX.Net account but if you want copies that are full high resolution about 7MB each, let me know an I can email them or send them on a CD rom in the mail to you.


 The picture of the men with their weapons helmets and no shirts is by far one of the most interesting posed photographs that I have run into of the NCB 59th. If any of you happened to find a family member in these pictures please let me know so that I can inform the donor as he is curious to know.


  I also have acquired some photographs that were takes during and post battle for GUAM in and around white beach where the men of the NCB 59 landed; I will be posting these tonight as well to the BOX.NET account.


 On my next trip to Seabee Museum at Port Hueneme I will be placing these and other pictures I have collected over the years in to the archives there in the files of the Fifty Ninth Battalion.




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