Yikes ID because accidents happen.

YIKES! It takes allot to impress me because though the years I’ve become jaded because so many companies in the US sell poor quality or made to fail products. Lost in America, I thought, was pride in product workmanship and companies that stand behind their products, not just say they do. Due to the last two instances one with the corporate liars at the Home Depot and the other Masonite Doors; who both lost my business permanently due to their extremely poor customer service I became severely jaded and truly believed that customer service had died in America.

One company has shown me that not only does customer service still exist in America but that product workmanship and companies that stand behind their products are alive and well in our Nation; abet, few and far between IMHO, they do exist!

The company I’m talking about is YikesID at yikesid.com. At 52 I started running again and more than once I’ve almost been run over by people backing out of parking spots and driveways and bicyclist riding on sidewalks. Then there is my age, I’m healthy but I’m also a realest ‘shit happens’ and at my age is when it starts happening. So there is always the thought of having among other things heart issues while out running.

I always carry an ID like my driver’s license but it’s something you place in your pocket out of sight and it really doesn’t provide much information. So I decide to see what was available online; after looking at a number of companies I settled on YikesID mostly because of the style and design of one of the bracelets, the “Yikes ID Wrist” as a bonus it was priced fairly coming in well under their competitors price. I ordered mine with my Name, date of birth, address, my wife’s/sons and home phone number and blood type.

After about 16 runs and falling asleep with the bracelet on thrice the elastic that holds the ID separated from the nylon webbing. Without expecting much in the way of support I sent an email to YikeID support though their webpage asking if the bracelet was guaranteed. image

Within minutes I saw a new message in my gmail inbox, so fast was the response I actually ignored it for a while thinking it was an auto-reply from the company. To my surprise it was a ‘personal’ email from Christian at YikesID Customer Support apologizing for the problem I had with the bracelet and letting me know they were sending me a replacement and ID I couldn’t believe the fast personal response I got, I wrote back thanking him and told him I need only the bracelet that the ID was still perfect.

Today, 3 working days from my message to YikesID I received a package in the email. When I opened it I not only found a replacement Yikes ID Wrist bracelet, of also found another Yikes ID Wrist bracelet with a ID and a yikes ID Wrist Elite with a ID! Wow! Now that’s customer service. image_1

I’m YikesID customer for life and will be recommending their ID’s to everyone I meet. If they sold a t-shirt on their website I would buy one and it would be the one I would ware at my 5/10K races that how much I believe in this company. Which is big for me because the only other company logo I ware is 5.11’s. So if you need a medical, running or cycling ID; or something to put on your child (like I’m going to do) when you’re out camping or at events. I recommend YikesID 100% – https://yikesid.com/

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  1. This is great! Thanks for sharing this information. I had no idea this company existed.

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