Longing to Run

imageWoke to a beautiful morning, I’m always happy in the morning, at least most if the time, after all its always a good day when you wake up alive. Dead is a total bummer.

I’m sitting outside Starbucks sipping on the Americano I bought typing this entry on my iPhone 4S, so fun on this tinny screen. I’m an hour early getting to the US Post Office it’s the last Sunday before Christmas and I’ve one last package to mail I thought it opened at 9am but sadly the door is marked 10am.

The sun is out the sky is as blue as the eyes of a red headed Irish lass; the air is crisp and clean and reminds me of taking a bite of an apple freshly picked from the tree on a cool morning, dew still dripping from its skin.

The only things taking from this beautiful morning is the pungent exhaust that billowed from a passing truck and the cluster of people making their way to Walmart like Zombies in a Walking Dead episode.

Oh how I long to be running right now lost in my thoughts hearing only the rhythm of my breath as I take each stride.

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