Cross Country for my knees

untitle_Fotor_CollageThe joints in my knees have been hurting from the constant pounding on the concrete and asphalt. When I was young(er) my heals never hit the ground, my jog was like other peoples run. In the navy I had the nickname ‘Geisel’ because of my speed and length of stride. I can’t seem to find that young man’s stride and foot placement anymore. I land on my heals and as hard as I try I can’t seem to change that, even less is the change when fatigue sets in.

Because of my knees I decided that I would run Cross Country. We had some rain this past week so the ground gave under your feet cushioning the impact to my knees. I walked up to Montgomery Park a short 4 block from my house. Running the perimeter of this park is about 1.4 miles per lap and is more uphill than down or flat do to the terrain. 90% of the run is on dirt and the rest short patches of grass. I started my run at the park sign and by the time I got my to my first 200 yards I know I was in for a work out. It felt like my feet struggled to pull from the ground. The burn in my legs was incredible and it took all I had to shoot up the two spots where the grade got really steep.

After the first lap I was ready to yell uncle, but I pushed on, I had promised myself I would run no less than 3 miles each run. Lap two seemed easier, I think because I knew what to expect on the route never the less I had to keep picking out land marks. I use them to tell my mind, just make it to that tree, just make across it path, when I can see the end I’m able push to get to it. Just one more lap I tell myself, the end is near I know it. On the third lap coming around to the end, I see the crosswalk light is going to turn green I decide to keep running toward my home. As soon as I come off the grass onto the sidewalk it feels like I just shed ankle weights, I feel light. I’ve forgotten how different Cross County running is for running on concrete and asphalt.

Wow what a beautiful San Diego Sunset.

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