Keep your email and texting, I’ll keep my pen

I’m so tired of the Millenniums trying to convince me how much better email, texting and electronic media in specific eBooks are than what I grew up with. These of course are the people who have lost touch with human interaction, no imageI know is not true that all millenniums are this way because you would find it hard to find a ground pounding combat solider who doesn’t appreciate a hand written letter magazine or book; the kinds that don’t need batteries or give your position away by emitting glaring white light when you turn it on or wake it up.

I’m I suppose, am a crossover. I grew up with electronics no more advanced than a transistor radio that received analog signal. I was the payphone generation who had to choose between a nickel candy or a phone call. I was however later in life, on the cutting edge; I was in the Silicon Valley before there was a Microsoft or Apple; before the ‘personal’ computer. I used to pull my shotgun out of the trunk of my car to hunt Pheasants and Doves in the orchard across the street from my office; the space where INTEL is now. Bootstrapping a computer back then meant I had to grab a chair and sit in front of a bank of 10 toggle switches for 45 minutes entering a sequence of binary numbers and hold my breath when i hit the execute button praying I didn’t make a mistake and the incandescent RUN light would glow though its green translucent cover. Only then could I engage the computer via the Model 33 Teletype. You get the idea I’ve worked in technology for more than 36 years; I live, love and breath technology but I still believe it can’t replace the human interaction and emotional connection a hand written letter provides.

You can’t know the value a simple scrap of paper holds when you are faraway the touch, the feel, the smell. Home, Love, Joy and Hope. The scribble of letters and words written by hand caresses a weather beaten face; moistens dry eyes and warms a cold heart. The smell, perceived or not taking you back to someplace and someone you love even if just for a moment. The envelope folded half over to fit in the pocket of your blouse closest to your heart. Worn and torn from being read over and over by not just you but maybe a buddy who longs for that touch of home and humanity. Sometimes the only thing that keeps you going.

Tell me when was the last time you felt that from Arial 12 or any truetype font. You keep your email and texting… I’ll keep the power of the pen and all it can give to others.

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1 Response to Keep your email and texting, I’ll keep my pen

  1. frenchc1955 says:

    I agree with you. The power of the pen far outweighs the power of the email or text.

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