Running: Proper Foot Positioning

Proper Foot Positioning….. Been thinking about this allot (obsessing actually) because I know my foot placement; for lack of a better word, SUCKS! I can feel myself land and lift and know it’s wrong. When I ran cross country in high school or for that ran at all in my teens and 20’s I would land on the ball of my foot; rarely if ever did my heal touch the ground. For some odd reason I’m not able to do this anymore, I guess not running for 30 years has taken it toll; maybe it just I need to (re)train myself – I’m sort of lost at what to do and upset with myself for not being able to do something I view as simple.

To further my confusion is an article I read where it stated proper foot positioning while running is landing on the middle of your foot. How the hell do you land on the middle of your foot?!? Makes me wonder if my Running shoes (Saucony GRID series) might be a problem because there a ‘stability’ shoe somewhat high on the heal. Guess I’ve got much to analyze.

In the mean time I picked up a tip on ‘FOOT STRENGTH’ from Grace’s Lean Girls Club blog (yeah I know I’m a guy) Five tips to become a better runner  I’m hoping it will help me run at least a little more correct.

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2 Responses to Running: Proper Foot Positioning

  1. gracekelle says:

    Thanks for linking to! You don’t have to be a girl 😉 Foot strength is something I’m working on in 2015 and the Eric Orton exercise is a must-do.

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