Cold Weather Running

My wife swears the reptilian comes out in me when it’s cold. I’m slow, sleepy and overall unmotivated when its cold. As I sit writing this heater is on the thermostat set for 72 Degrees Fahrenheit (22.7 degrees Celsius to the rest of the world) I’m in a jacket that I normally avoid wearing because I get too hot in it.

It’s a frigid 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) says it feels like 43; raining with a slight easterly breeze which means it’s blowing from the ocean about 4 miles from here making it feel all the more cold(er,er?). I know all of you Mountain, Midwest, Eastern and European people are laughing at me right now; and thinking what a baby he should be here! Well I live in SUN Diego for a reason and getting this cold is not one of them.

I want to RUN! But have absolutely no clue what to wear in cold weather for such an activity. Now if I were out in the cold with the military I’d know exactly what to wear, but running? Not a clue.

I was looking on-line and it just made my head hurt trying to figure out cold weather running cloths I should buy. Maybe a trip to Big5 Sporting goods is warranted so I can do the touch and feel thing but that would mean I would have to go out in the C O L D. Maybe I’ll just do some jump roping to get my blood running this is my 4th day without running and I’m feeling anxious.

Any suggestions?

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