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4:30AM Run: In the warmth of my bed shall I remain

[5.35 miles in 55:16 minutes 10:20min/mile – 313ft climb] Darkness and running are two things that never have gone well for me. Because I’ve been time challenged and these are short days, I’ve had no choice but to run in … Continue reading

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Not? Running Army Strong

If you have been reading my BLOG then you would remember the entry titled “I Want to Blow My Own Horn” in which I talk about trying to learn to play the bugle so I could join Bugles Across America … Continue reading

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Night Run – I’d rather not lose my head and be dissolved in acid.

Do you know how hard it is to run when you need to go pee? I do now. I hadn’t run for 3 days so I had to run today which meant that I would have to run, at some … Continue reading

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Flat 5 mile run after work

Ran flat land today 3 1/2 laps around the campus did Distance 5.54mi Duration 1:00:41 Avg Pace 10:57 kind of slow today no excuse I was just slow. I’m thinking about doing a Point Loma run tomorrow after work though … Continue reading

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The Ugh… Run

Not a great run yesterday 5.13 mile in 50:27 minutes Avg. Pace 9.50/mile. I think it’s a little off that pace should be more around 10:25 or in that area, the GPS on my iPhone seemed to have gone wacky. … Continue reading

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You are always with me Dad…

Today is the 2nd anniversary of my father’s death. Even though he’s been gone two years I can still hear his voice, his smell and can feel he is somehow with me. There are still times when something is going … Continue reading

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First 5 Mile Hill Run – Ragnar Trail Zion, UT Here I COME!!!

[Monday Hill Run: 5.15 miles in 54:19 – 10:33/mile avg pace.] I was finely able to run 5 miles running hills run no less! I know that 5 miles isn’t a big deal for most of the bloggers out here … Continue reading

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