Cold Weather RAN! – Wo! I feel good

socksSo the sun came out and the sky became blue and even though it was still cold outside that was enough to get me in to my shorts and t-shirt and these funky new Injinji socks for a run.

I ran 3.86 miles (6.21 kilometers) I thought I did four miles but the running app that I bought wasn’t reporting to me how far I was running with audio cue’s I’m really not sure yet if I like the iSmoothRun app yet. I’ve been using MapMyRun Plus, which is one of their paid versions ($3.00), for a long time but don’t like the fact that If I want to use the advanced features I have to subscribe to an Annual subscription to their MVP at $30.00 US. Supposedly I will get the same features MVP has with iSmoothRun for the cost of the app which was $6.00 US anyhow first time I used it was today so I’ll let you know more once I have more time with it.

So I ran 3.86 miles in 35:24 minutes at a pace of 9:15 per mile. I’m good with that run; not bad for a overweight 55 year old man 🙂

Wo! I feel good, I knew that I would So good, so good, ’cause I got run… So good

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2 Responses to Cold Weather RAN! – Wo! I feel good

  1. Kevin says:

    I’ve never tried toe-socks. They look like they could work pretty good. Let me know what you think of them.

    • usabaker says:

      Hey Kevin, I picked them up after watching a documentary called Desert Runners about these people that run four 250K runs though four deserts in one year, One of the runners was using them. I started to have a problem with my feet getting wet from perspiration and my toes rubbing together started at one point got so bad the skin was chapping almost like jungle rot. Anyhow, ran with them for the first time today and soon forgot I had them on I did notice that my feet didn’t get moist and that my feet didn’t feel like they slipped around in the sock as much as the running sock I normally use. I plan to do a review on them though in a few weeks after I’ve run in them under different conditions, I paid $15 with tax and all so they are a bit pricy.

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