Running to Music

I was fiddling with my phone today and noticed when I run the music I played most, when I play music, was GODSMACK, Nickelback and Skillet. I find that most curious because 90 percent of the time the music I listen to is Country groups like The Band Perry, Lee Brice, Little Big Town and the like.

I didn’t even realize that I was specific in what I ran to until I noticed this. I guess it would make sense though, Rock when I workout and country when I relax seems logical. If that’s the case then I wonder if listening to music help you run better or just something that keeps you brain occupied? I know for a fact that allot of time when I run with music I don’t really hear it, at least not consciously, because I’m always thinking about things when I’m running. I’ve sort of like a fish in that way shinny things distract me.

It would be interesting to know how many people run with music and how many don’t and at if you what percentage of the time? Do you think it helps your run or just a distraction?

Enquiring minds want to know……


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2 Responses to Running to Music

  1. I only run with mysic when i run alone, though that doesn’t happen very often.

  2. Well, I cannot run, but I have a treadmill. I use an album by the band Phoenix to do my workout to, as the songs seem to match the stride I like to walk to. It definitely helps me.

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