Writing Skillz or Lack thereof?

One of my friends commented that my writing skills are not what the used to be. His comment didn’t really surprise me because I lost my mojo back I think in 2008. Now when I write I struggle to be creative and I’m sloppy, it’s as if I can’t see my own mistakes no matter how many times I read what I wrote.

I use to write all the time, before the WEB at least the GUI version that the web is today, I wrote in USENET then when Livejournal came out in 1999 I was one of the first to start ‘journaling’ which later became known as ‘blogging.’ I moved from Livejournal to WordPress in 2010.

I’ve allot of stories in my head I would love to write but even with the urging of my family aswangcoverI’ve only composed two books; one that was only for my wife Janet a book of 100 poems I wrote for her and a book I called Aswang (Here is a link to it if you would like to read it) that I never really did anything with except publish it on Lulu. It was an experiment more than anything else I wanted to see if I could write a story that was on a ‘cultural’ subject and be able to write it so that people of a different culture could understand it. Reviews by friends and family were mixed.

My wife said that I should write about my life; I laughed, but the truth is she’s right. My life has not been a normal one, experiences few people will ever have. Some parts I can’t even talk about at this point in my life for reason I won’t/can’t go into.

Another problem I have in writing is time. When I write I like to write continuously; when I’m in the zone crap just pours out of me so fast sometimes I can’t write it down fast enough. Having to start and stop due to life’s interruptions and work just really cripples me. I’ve allot of things I’ve started but not finished and then lost interest in and if you haven’t already noticed my spelling is terrible, I’ve always been a poor speller.

I’ve been trying to get my Mojo back which is the reason I started blogging again. So I hope someday I will once again have the ability to impress my friends again with an ability to write, more than likely not; but one can hope.

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