Four Down in New Saucony Running Shoes.

[Todays Run 4.18 miles (6.73 kilometers) in 39:45, Avg Pace 9:30/mile ]

I didn’t run yesterday as bad as I wanted to I resisted because my body was screaming for rest; mostly my legs. So today I broke out the new Saucony Tornado 6’s my wife bought me for Christmas; This shoe falls in to the stability shoe category, I had been running in the Saucony Speed model which is a  neutral design shoe it rides close to the ground unlike the Tornado 6 which has a higher heal near the same as my Saucony Phantom’s.

Going from a neutral low riding sole to the stability took a little getting use to and I’m not really sure I like the  Tornado 6 because for the first mile or so it seemed like there was too much room around the toes area it felt like my foot slid around too much but it may have been just getting use to the ‘feel’ of the shoe; after running a bit I didn’t notice it as much and my feet felt really good after the run.

If you haven’t noticed Saucony is my brand of choice. I’ve tried allot of other brands but always end up back with Saucony for my feet it just seems to be the one with the best feel before and after a run. Beside of all the shoes brands I’ve tried, its only the Saucony shoes I’m able to move between neutral and stability so it gives me the flexibility to change shoes based on the type of run I’m doing.  My wife on the other hand likes Nike because of how the upper shoe fits her foot, she has bunions so getting a comfortable shoe for her is a tough one.

If I was made of money or could somehow find that I’m related to Bill Gates or some other wealthy benefactor, I would get new Cortana 4 running shoe; man specs on those things are awesome! Maybe between now and my Disney Florida run I can save up enough to by some. I would be nice to run in when I did the 5K, 10K Half and Full Marathon, or what I call the week of hell.

I do have some advice I can offer in this post; don’t add LilyAllen to your play list, when her song came on in todays 4 mile run it threw my cadence way to the left LOL. I love Lily but not to run too 🙂

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