Bikes vs Runner

[Todays Run 4.37 miles in 41:36 minutes]

bikelaneSo why is it that bike riders insist on riding on the sidewalk when there is a clearly marked bike lane and a law in California that instructs vehicle drivers to give 3 feet between them and a bike rider. Of all the things on the road bike riders have the MOST privileges, yet it’s not enough for them they have to have the sidewalks too.

Of the 6 bike riders I encountered today only ONE (1) was actually using the bike lane. The others made me move off the sidewalk into the street, one of the riders had the audacity to even say thank you when I moved out of the way.

So from now on I will not yield to these idiots.

I’ve always despised bike riders they have no courtesy, think they are entitled and that laws don’t apply to them. And no I’m not generalizing.

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1 Response to Bikes vs Runner

  1. When many people get on a bike, they seem to think they can do anything they please. About a week ago I almost hit someone who coasted at a high speed through a stop sign, and they had the audacity to make a rude gesture! If they want to share the road, how about sharing the rules of the road! Good grief.

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