Beach Run

[Yesterday Cross Country Run: 4.26 miles in 43:26 min, 10.08/mile]

[Today’s Beach Run: 2.25 miles in 21:52 min, 9:44/mile]

IB_Fotor_Collage_FotorDrove out to Imperial Beach today with my wife and son; while they played in the sand and surf I went for a run. I had to run in the dry sand so it was killer! So hard was it to trudge through the sand I hardly took note if the bikini clad copper tone land marks laying on the beach as I ran passed, sometimes I forget how great it is to live in San Diego. Sadly I only could take running 2.25 miles though the sand that bumped my heart rate up to 158 as I sweat like a constipated solder under fire.

I was a nice run abet short; I’ll make up for it tomorrow. I only did this run as part of my testing of the Injinji toe socks I bought. It was also the final voyage of my Saucony Grid Tornado 5 running shoes. Sadly these shoes have given all they could. I will miss our runs and walks; our kick of dogs that attack us when we are out. I’ll miss your vibrant green logo and the reflections you make when headlights pass out path, but my companion and my friend it time for you to go because alas……. you have no sole.

IB_Peir IB_Rocks IB_beach

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