First 5 Mile Hill Run – Ragnar Trail Zion, UT Here I COME!!!

[Monday Hill Run: 5.15 miles in 54:19 – 10:33/mile avg pace.]

I was finely able to run 5 miles running hills run no less! I know that 5 miles isn’t a big deal for most of the bloggers out here in BitLand but for me it’s a major milestone. I’ve not run 5 miles since I was in my 20’s I know its not far but I’m jazzed just the same. I must have been on a high because even when I finished the 5.15mile run I felt like I could have done six or more. Being able to run on hills again is also a real rush, I don’t know what it is about hills that I like; maybe the challenge or the feeling of accomplishment I don’t know what it is but I can tell you that running hills kicks my butt and walking up fifteen stairs at home after a hill run is quite an experience.

Now that I can run hills and have no limits on my runs, I’ve got to get going on my training for the Ragnar Trail run in Zion, UT in April. Having never done one of these races I really don’t know what to expect. Ill be running it with a bunch of people from my company that are far better and younger then me so I’ll need to step up my game. I’m lucky to work for a company that does these kinds of outing’s and supports their employees the way that CSA does.

You can expect some interesting runs from me in the coming weeks as I start doing allot of cross country/trail runs.

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