The Ugh… Run

Not a great run yesterday 5.13 mile in 50:27 minutes Avg. Pace 9.50/mile. I think it’s a little off that pace should be more around 10:25 or in that area, the GPS on my iPhone seemed to have gone wacky. I’m really having a hard time managing running time during the weekdays now that I’m up to 5 miles per day. I’ve just too much to do not getting out of work until 4:30/5:30PM isn’t helping because by the time I get home its dark and running at night in my area is dangerous, not because of the riff raff but because Drivers in So. California just don’t care, to drunk or are too ignorant to give you space.

I’m considering running at 4:30AM; even though its dark at least the idiot drivers are at a minimum at that time in the morning. Well, I’ve going to tray and run for an hour before going home today, I have to take my son to Cub Scouts this evening; wish me luck!

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