Night Run – I’d rather not lose my head and be dissolved in acid.

Do you know how hard it is to run when you need to go pee? I do now. I hadn’t run for 3 days so I had to run today which meant that I would have to run, at some point in the dark. I really dislike running in the dark because inevitably I will ‘almost’ get hit by some idiot in a car pulling out of a business or residence driveway.

Tonight was no different; passing a mini mall I guy and his passenger in a truck came barreling out and without looking to his right where I was coming down the sidewalk he was looking left. He earned the ‘idiot badge’ and my greetings. As he drove off it was no surprise to see that his license plate indicated the truck and more than likely he were from Baja Mexico. I wouldn’t run in Baja Mexico for two reasons the first of course is I have no desire to play tag with motor vehicles and second because I’d rather not lose my head and be dissolved in acid.

I was a nice run for the most part when the lights of the cars were not blinding me, I like to run against traffic because I don’t trust drivers in San Diego; I try not to run in the street but in some parts its unavoidable. I did 5.35 Miles in 55:36 Minutes at and avg pace of 10:14. I’ve also decided that 5 miles a day maybe too much for my body at this point so I’m going to try for every other day running and then upper body and maybe cross training on the off days.  I like my26pointtwo’s Pyramid Workout I think I know what’s he’s doing but not really sure and my head hurts trying to figure out the chart, I’m I really that daft?

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3 Responses to Night Run – I’d rather not lose my head and be dissolved in acid.

  1. my26pointtwo says:

    Similar dilemma for me tonight. I need to find 50 mins running but most of my local roads are unlit. My enemies are the local farmers in their tractors or the boy racers using the back roads as a personal racetrack. Head torch at the ready and life in hands I guess. Rather than try and fail to come up with a better explanation for the pyramid workout, I will find a link to the original and post it for you.

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