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Black Rice

Back in late 1980’s, a time when I was much older and much less wise. I would make sure to visit my grandfather as often as I could.  At the time, he lived in a large three story house in … Continue reading

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Hill Running Again! Echocardiogram Stress Test Success!

After a little over a month I was finely cleared by my doctor to start running hills again. I love running hills but on December 2nd at about the 3 mile mark in one of my hill runs I got … Continue reading

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I LOVE Man holes

I guess I should not have had a space between Man and Hole and when I write Manhole, more accurately manhole covers;  I am of course not talking about part of the human male anatomy. I’m talking about the covers … Continue reading

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Do You Stretch?

[Monday Treadmill (Echo Stress Test) 12min Holy Molley!!!!!] [Wednesday 4.26 Miles 10:08/Mile 43:26 Min] After getting home from my run last Wednesday I was happy to see new post from a great blogger my26pointtwo that was in response to a … Continue reading

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Injinji Toe Sock Review

When I started running more than 2 miles in a session, I noticed that the skin between my toes started to get raw and irritated. I found that my feet were perspiring and the moisture was causing the between skin … Continue reading

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Beach Run

[Yesterday Cross Country Run: 4.26 miles in 43:26 min, 10.08/mile] [Today’s Beach Run: 2.25 miles in 21:52 min, 9:44/mile] Drove out to Imperial Beach today with my wife and son; while they played in the sand and surf I went … Continue reading

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Bikes vs Runner

[Todays Run 4.37 miles in 41:36 minutes] So why is it that bike riders insist on riding on the sidewalk when there is a clearly marked bike lane and a law in California that instructs vehicle drivers to give 3 … Continue reading

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