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Stupid Body!

[Sunday 22   Feb: 6.05 Miles in 59:56 minutes avg pace 9:55/mile] [Tuesday 24 Feb: 6.02 Miles in 1:01:57 minutes avg pace 10:18/mile] [Friday 27  Feb: 5.19 Miles in 52:47 minutes avg pace 10:10/mile] I woke up early this morning with rally bad … Continue reading

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Hello Philippines, Bye Ragnar

I’m really disappointed and feeling like I let down my CSA running team for this year’s Ragnar Trail run. I’ve been training every week for the upcoming Ragnar Trail run in Zion, UT this April and was so excited about … Continue reading

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What happens when you love to run.

[Run 6.05miles in 59:56 minutes 9:55 avg pace/mile] Sunday I was busy doing my taxes and the laundry. At 3:00pm I got to the point in my taxes where I needed to have a copy of last year’s return. When … Continue reading

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First 10 miler! – Run for the Border

Got home from work at 3:30PM today and was feeling sick and congested all day. Even though I’m sick I still wanted to run. I decided that I would make a run to the US/Mexico border and take pictures of … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Running After 60:
To the north of Tagbilaran City there was at one time a seawall, from the age of it you would have to guess it was built sometime during Spain’s rule, but I don’t know this…

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I Should Run

I’m sick but I still want to run, I keep looking at the clock and thinking “I should run” is it bad to run sick; I mean I’m not feverish or anything just congested and my eyes feel like they … Continue reading

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Running Angry.

It’s been six hours since I finished my run and I’m still mad as hell. What is it with the a’holes from Baja California or for that drivers from Southern California period? I’m so friggin tired of almost getting run … Continue reading

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