Mt. San Miguel Hike & Weekly Run’s

[Mondays Run 7:24 miles in 1:11 minutes 9:57/mile]
[Wednesdays Run 7:22 miles in 1:17 minutes 10:43/mile]
[Saturdays Run 8:20 miles in 1:29 minutes 10:56/mile]

mtMiguel01Me, my wife and 8 year old son joined some friends on a hike (a birthday hike for my friend Carmen) up Mt. San Miguel in Chula Vista today; I thought we were going to hike up to the towers but only made it to the flag and I felt bad for my 8 year old son I wanted him to enjoy the hike so I decided It would be better not to take him all the way up on this trip. The climb starts at about 669 feet above sea level and the US Flag sits at 1780 so it’s an 1111 foot climb up the mountain, and it’s pretty much straight up, there are no switch back trails on this hike.

I was impressed with my little guy he made it to the top without any help I ended up loading him on my back half way down the mountain so I was packing him at 51 pounds and 14 pounds of water. Being top heavy and coming down the steep grade with an additional 64 pounds was killer.

We got there at about 8:00AM this morning mtmiguel02so there were not allot of people, but when we came down the mountain it was starting to get real busy.  There were a number of trail runners there; one guy I talked too,  was heading up to the towers with a weight vest on fully loaded with lead weights. I was really impressed watching these guys running up this mountain.

After my 8 mile run yesterday I’m pretty much done for the weekend!



My Wife Janet and Me

My Wife Janet and Me

My Friend Carmen and Me

My Friend Carmen and Me

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2 Responses to Mt. San Miguel Hike & Weekly Run’s

  1. my26pointtwo says:

    What an excellent day with good friends. Your hamstrings will hurt in the morning coming down that gradient with weight on your back. I hope your son had a great time too. 😊

    • usabaker says:

      my26pointtwo I’m sure they will. Last summer on a hike I carried him UP a grade at 7000 ft above sea level and had the love pains to show for it the next day 🙂 I

      Mt. San Miguel was a short but good hike; really wanted to get up too the towers though. The wife and I are going back alone so we can get up their I’m told its another mile up to the towers but you drop down in a valley and then start the vertical climb again. its not that far from my house I think I might tray and run up the flag one day after work on my own; I was really impressed watching some runners do it. I think if I do ill file it with my GoPro (clone) should be exciting,

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