Running: The South Bay Salt Works

100_0110[Salt Works Run 8.29miles in 1:28 Minutes Avg Pace 10:43] So today I decided I would take a detour off my 8 mile running route to run past the South Bay Salt Works plant to change up my run a little. The South Bay Salt Works located in Chula Vista and bordering the Imperial Beach was founded in 1916 and will be entering its hundredth year of operation next year. Check out more picture of South Bay Salt Works at the end of this blog entry.

100_0098Along with the salt work I found some other interesting places and things. As I was running and came to the corner of Frontage Rd. and Ada St. I saw a number of brightly painted steel art formed in the shapes of bikes. Now I know that I’ve seen these in the past but just never paid much attention to them I guess because I’ve always been in a rush when I’ve gone past. There was a small sign that reads; @South Bay Metal Bikes.100_0103 I’m not really sure what this place is but the bike sculptures are really cool.

On Ada just down the street was this really cool mailbox that was formed like a fishing lure where do you get something like that! I would have to guess that the owner really like fishing.

100_0116Moving on I thought I would show you the area with the chainlink fence that I wrote about in my last posting “Running naked in the darkness” it looks much less imposing during the day and other than the four bikers that past me I was running alone except for a few lizards sunning themselves on the edge of the path.

Exiting the path and back in to the residential I saw a house that lets you know that Dude! You’re still in California!

100_0129About this time I noticed that it was really starting to get hot, so hot I almost gave up running turns out it was 81 Degree Fahrenheit (27.22 Celsius) the heat really jumped fast when I started out on the run at 8:40AM it was only 64 Degree Fahrenheit (17.7 Celsius). This was at the 6 mile mark. By the time I got back to my starting point I was totally spent, after my cook down I had a killer headache that lasted for the next 4 hours. What a run!

100_0118100_0108 100_0107 100_0106100_0110100_0112100_0120

South Bay Salt Works

South Bay Salt Works


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5 Responses to Running: The South Bay Salt Works

  1. my26pointtwo says:

    I just had a look at your post “Why don’t I know how to run?” It turns out you know exactly how to run – wherever you want, whenever you want, as far as you want and most importantly of all, with your eyes wide open. Some great pictures which make me long for some summer warmth and scope to explore.

    • usabaker says:

      Thanks 🙂 I try.. That’s the only thing I really like about San Diego is that the weather is pretty much the same all year round. I like Northern California better though even thought the weather is not as nice; but its green and the National Forests are accessible. I looked at some running routines but haven’t found any that really get me excited, I’m older then the target audience I think they were written for. Glad you like the pictures of my runs. There are more to come….

  2. Do you know whether the bike path going entirely around the bay is completed? I haven’t heard anything about that for a while.

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