Running Angry.

It’s been six hours since I finished my run and I’m still mad as hell. What is it with the a’holes from Baja California or for that drivers from Southern California period? I’m so friggin tired of almost getting run over while I’m on the sidewalk and I’m really trying hard not to become a racist but these people are really testing my beliefs and upbringing and honestly, as bad as it might seem, I’m starting to understand why people become racist in the first place.

truckhit1I was running down the sidewalk in a business area and this truck with Baja plates came flying off the street onto the driveway missing me by two; actually had I not caught the truck at the last minute out of the corner of my eye and jumped back from my forward movement I more than like wouldn’t be writing in my blog at all, maybe never again. It was around 2PM clear and sunny there were no obstructions between me and the truck, as you can see in the picture there is plenty of time to see me running, so he couldn’t have possibly not seen me. As I was jumping backwards away from the truck I yelled out of pure shock and surprise “Holy S&^T!, What the f@#K man!”

You know it’s one thing to almost hurt someone show a little remorse and say sorry, it’s totally a different thing to park your truck and yell at the person you almost killed like it was their fault for getting in the way. I flipped the a’hole off and continued my run, the more I ran the madder I got and I’m sitting here still pissed off and pissed that I didn’t run up to the guy and punch the sorry excuse for a human being square in the face. He’s a reflection of his parent’s inability to parent and teach their kids right from wrong. Sad part is, he will, if he hasn’t already teach is kids to be the same ugly, vile person as he is.

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5 Responses to Running Angry.

  1. Glad you’re alright! The sad truth is that this world increasingly favours the a’hole. But that doesn’t change the fact that you have a right to be angry and are the better person for not punching said a’hole in the face.

    • usabaker says:

      You are right it would have been worse if he and I came to a physical altercation; I woke up this morning no longer mad, just disgusted with people like him. Almost getting hit seems to happen all to often, at a minimum once a week. Route changes haven’t helped. I’m strongly considering no more street running and doing strictly trail running which might be possible next month when the time here is set forward an hour. Then all I will have to contend with are Mountain Lions, Rattlesnakes and Mountain Bikers on the blind corners. LOL Thanks for the comments!

  2. pauldburton says:

    Being that runners are more vulnerable out on the streets you have to run and keep an eye out for everyone else. I wear bright colours and flashing lights and still have to change course to avoid being squished. Mostly drivers are polite out in the burbs but sometime I come across idiots. I try not to let them get inside my head and ruin my vibe.

    • usabaker says:

      Hi Paul, I’ve been in all kinds of attire and it really doesn’t seem to matter here. The majority of the drivers that have been trying to run me over are ones that come across the US/Mexico border where the driving laws are “suggestions” not laws. They could really careless how they drive because all they have to do is go back across the border and nothing can be done. The majority of these idiots don’t have insurance so even if they hit you, you have little recourse. I know this for a fact from when I worked with them in the shipyards; getting away with stuff they should not be doing seems to give them bragging rights. But you are right, you have to be vigilant! have I not been I’m sure I would be in a wheelchair by now.

      • pauldburton says:

        I’ve had near misses too. I think generalising about the drivers is risky (I assume all our are staring into their dumb phones rather than concentrating on the road); we just have to run keeping an eye on everything. We put ourselves into these potentially dangerous situations so I always feel that we have to be extra careful. Others don’t understand our madness and aren’t expecting us to be in these places. While I agree that they should be more careful, you cannot make anyone do that.

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