Hello Philippines, Bye Ragnar

I’m really disappointed and feeling like I let down my CSA running team for this year’s Ragnar Trail run. I’ve been training every week for the upcoming Ragnar Trail run in Zion, UT this April and was so excited about it. I’ve never run a Ragnar so this would have been something new for me.

Last week I got a call from my auntie who had just returned from a trip in the Philippines. She told me about things with my grandfather’s land she noticed was going on during her visit. So bad were these things I’ve no choice but to fly to the Philippines to take care of them in person. Because I will have to be in the Philippines for three weeks I will not have enough vacation time to do both the Ragnar and travel to the Philippines so I had to let the Ragnar go.

On the upside though is I guess I’ll have new places to run and trail run and to share with you the Blogging community.

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9 Responses to Hello Philippines, Bye Ragnar

  1. pauldburton says:

    Oh, the running sounds fun.

  2. runrodrun says:

    Good luck in the Philippines! which part will you be in?

    • usabaker says:

      We will start off in Bohol with a short visit to CEBU then to the BICOL; Naga, Calabanga and Nato From there Manila for a day to catch up with some of my wife’s friends and our attorney.

  3. Jane Likes to Run says:

    I have never run Ragnar either, but it sounds like fun. But family is always first. Good luck getting everything taken care of. I’m sure that you will find some awesome running routes during your stay! Look forward to seeing some pictures. Especially as we are still frozen in an ice block up here in the upper Midwest.

    • usabaker says:

      Frozen is a understatement for what you guys are going though, at least from what we hear on the news in the west coast. The Ragnar was also cool because everything was paid for including the food by my company ;P. I’ll just need find a team to hook-up with a team next year; it make my bucket list so now its a must do trail run. It’s going to be fun to share with everyone may runs in the Philippines my family comes from a small ‘quaint’ town that I never fully took pictures of, I’m usually too busy taking people around to see all the sights and at the beach. I also found some 10K and Half’s that are happening while I’m there so I’m going to try and get in on one of them.

    • usabaker says:

      PS. Stay safe and warm 🙂

  4. runrodrun says:

    Are you already in the Philippines?

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