It’s only 5K

I received an email from a person in my company wanting to build a team to run in the 2015 San Diego Undy Run/Walk Colon Cancer Run on March 7. I immediately got excited because I was looking for a run this month. When I opened the attach men the first thing I saw was “The Undy Run/Walk loves dogs!” Ugh dogs… I can’t stand to run around dogs; it seems always to be a mess. As I look down the schedule I read “8:00 a.m. – 5K begins”

5K, I looked more and all I saw was 5K and I thought to myself, oh… its only I 5K and I was disappointed. Milliseconds after thinking ‘Only 5K’ I realized that it was only four months ago I couldn’t run the 5K races I entered without walking a few times; now I’m able to run 6 to 7 every other day and 8 to 9 on the weekends. It baffle’s me that my mind would spark, fizzle and pop with the thought of running a 5K as if its somehow not enough challenge when I feared even trying to run a 5K just four months ago.

Okay so it’s only a 5K but for charity so it the wife has no plans for Saturday and has no issues with spending the money if we can afford the entry fee since most of our funds have been going toward our trip to the Philippines, I’ll more than likely run it.

[update] My daughter called me and ask if I could watch my granddaughter so I won’t be running in the race; granddaughter trumps 5K

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