Sick: No Running (at least not the kind I like to do)

I haven’t had the energy to write. On Tuesday I completed a 7 mile run in Long Beach and was on my way home, excited to get on the computer and post my run to the blog. My body decided to take me an alternate direction.

I left Long Beach at about 7:30PM for the two hour drive back home to San Diego; suffering from minor fatigue I decided that I need to stop at a Starbucks to get a Americano to boost my alertness up a notch. I found one in San Juan Capistrano maybe an hour out from San Diego. After retrieving my Americano I discovered upon returning to my truck, that a semi-truck was blocking me from getting out of my parking spot. As I sat there sipping my coffee and waiting for the driver of the truck to unload and leave I decided that perhaps I would walk in Kentucky Fried Chicken and by a chicken sandwich.

This turned out to be a fatal mistake. There were all kinds of warning signs that I ignored, the first is ‘I shouldn’t eat that garbage’, the second “sorry sir all of our breast are still frozen, can you wait 10 minutes” and the third after taking a bite of the sandwich was my brain say ‘hmm this doesn’t seem fully cooked’.

Waking up the next morning my stomach was aching, when I got to work the pain was so bad that I decided to just go back home. Trying to rest in bed I suddenly had the urge to empty my stomach by reversing the intake mode. But rather than expelling unpleasantness, nothing came out and it felt like my upper chest was expanding almost to the point of exploding, things around me just dimmed, ending up on the floor and figured it was time to call my wife to take me to urgent care.

The doctor was really through, she checked out everything even ordered x-ray of my chest and lower abdomen; gave me a ‘cocktail’ of medications to take. I was happy to find out that I didn’t have anything serious wrong inside me, x-ray were clear; she did note however that I should be getting the Hershey squirts at some point. The Doc prescribed a medication to help keep the cramping and nausea at bay.

As the doctor predicted Montezuma’s revenge greeted me at 1PM today and needless to say I won’t be running, well I am running but not the way I want to run shall we say……..

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8 Responses to Sick: No Running (at least not the kind I like to do)

  1. runrodrun says:

    Oh man! Sorry to hear my friend.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. my26pointtwo says:

    Get well soon!! Enjoy a well earned rest.

  3. frenchc1955 says:

    I hope you recover soon.

  4. pauldburton says:

    Crapatoa erupts. Get better quickly.

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