First run since I’ve been sick.

It’s been six days since I last ran and I’ve been getting stir crazy so today, even though my stomach feels sour, I decided that I would solider up and try running 3 miles to see how I would feel. I chose a simple hill route and did 3.50miles/5.6Km in 30:09min avg pace of 8:60/mile.

My stomach did okay during the run but when I finished my run it started to hurt. At this point I don’t care I’m going to run again tomorrow. Nothing worth taking pictures of today, but I did see an interesting sign yesterday I would like to share with you; I think it’s a new Mexican

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7 Responses to First run since I’ve been sick.

  1. runrodrun says:

    Really nice to see you back! And at a very good pace too!

  2. Glad you’re able to run a bit again. When I have a sour stomach, I put a little lemon juice in water and it helps to settle it a bit. 😉

    • usabaker says:

      The food poisoning actually landed me in Urgent Care, The doctor prescribed anti-cramping and anti-nausea medications that I’ve only taken twice because the side affects scare the crap out of me so I’ve been toughing it out ;P Thanks for the tip! I’ve used Ginger Tea as well.

      • I’m trying to get off of all pharmaceuticals. The cure if often worse than the disease.

      • usabaker says:

        I have a great doctor, she knows that I don’t like taking drugs and wont take them unless there is no choice so she always recommend alternatives. She has me on supplements and different foods to combat cholesterol and fend off diabetes

      • Would you share her name? We have been here almost a year and I still have not found a general doc. I have been seeing my Lyme doc for everything, but I really need a general doc. You can PM me if that is more comfortable. thepersonnexttoyouchannel AT


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